Monday, November 16, 2015

Then And Now - Glenfiddich Original

Glenfiddich Original
It is a curious thing to see new but old expressions coming out form distilleries over the last few years. It can be a great way to get look in at the evolution of whisky brands and William Grant & Sons have done just that. June 3, 2015 saw the launch of the limited release Glenfiddich Original at the Lord Dudley Hotel, Sydney. We were lucky enough to attend with the launch and some club members returning for sit down master classes with the Glenfiddich Brand Ambassadors Laura Hay and Richard Blanchard.

The Glenfiddich Original is a throw back to how the brand was marketed and delivered outside of Scotland in the 1960’s primarily into the USA. This new release celebrates what launched the brand globally.

As a no age statement whisky there are reports from William Grant & Sons that the original release in the 1960’s was around the 8 year old mark. Does that mean William Grant & Sons has followed a similar path in blending stocks? Who knows but I don’t think that age matters in this case as Malt Master Brian Kinsman was aiming for a similar profile replication and not carbon copy facsimile.

William Grant & Sons launched The Original in June 2015 at The Lord Dudley Hotel. During this 4 day launch attendees could take a free masterclass and tasting of the core Glenffidich range as well as experiencing The Original in context. There is no more of a perfect way to take a retrospective look at where the whisky came from without tasting where the whisky is now.

The Glenfiddich Original new but old packaging
Glenfiddich Original
Distiller: Glenfiddich
Region: Speyside
Release: Limited but abundant

Nose: Typical vanilla oaks and fresh green pears. A much lower abundance of spice and florals you may be expecting in a Glenfiddich and a more malt cereal nose.

Taste: Again the pears appear as do apples and citrus but much lower in the spice profile the 12yo displays. Soft cereal malts and sweet honey in the background.

Finish: Semi extended and a clear nutty dryness

Overall this is a typical Glenfiddich but it displays as much unique character as every other family member should. It is neither extreme not exactly like any of the others. Naturally this is not going to rock you boat and give you a blast of something totally out of the ordinary but then why should it. If this is a representation of where Glenfiddich started their marketing as a single malt then it was a bloody good beginning. Naturally if you are a Glenfiddich fan then this is certainly something that should be tasted. It is cool to know the origins of what now marks one of the worlds biggest selling malts, the Glenfiddich 12yo and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Thanks to William Grant & Sons for the invite to yet another stand out event. If you would like to see more shots of the event then duck over to our facebook album.

The Baron

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bang On The Money - The Balvenie 21 Years Old PortWood

The Balvenie 21 Years Old PortWood
On the eve of our next DTWC I think it is only appropriate we revisit the premier whisky at our last meeting, The Balvenie 21 Years Old PortWood.

It is fair to say that The Balvenie gets a good looking form time to time at our club and rightly so. It is a great distillery making a fine spirit. What I find with The Balvenie though is that it is a whisky to enjoy in isolation. Its refinement is pure so taint from other whiskies and or other environmental influences can distract the sensory experience.

I chose The Balvenie 21 Years Old PortWood for my hosting of DTWC because it displays wood characteristics very few other whiskies achieve in good order. Old oak is often worrisome for me. Often enough whiskies take on that mousey old tweed jacket sensation. In the case of The Balvenie 21 Years Old PortWood the consistency of character is excellent. This excellence is good wood management by David Stewart, Malt Master for The Balvenie.

Mr Stewart has been working with William Grant & Sons for 50+ years now so it is no surprise he knows every one of these barrels that goes into making up this whisky. Traditional aged Balvenie is then transferred into premium old port pipes and casks for additional maturation. The result is a refined honey, fruit and nut characteristic.

The Balvenie 21 Years Old PortWood
Distiller: The Balvenie
Region: Speyside, Scotland
ABV: 40%
Wood: Traditional oak and ex-Port Casks

An old sunset cresting into the evening.

Oaky love and fruit basket layered with straw. The nose is fine and light while being unassuming as to what is to come.

Bang on the money with refined old oak. A creamy light gesture of wood, honey, nuts and fruity spice. The tongue tingles in excitement.

Long and drawn out as the wood effects all aspects of the experience. Still vibrant well after a dram the tongue will continue to tantalise your tastes buds with what has passed.

Overall this is a cracker whisky and I have to give it a strong 6.75 out of 7. Priced at around $230AU consistency is always sound and appreciation is guaranteed. For really aged character this is one of my go to whiskies at that price point and age.

The Baron

Thursday, November 5, 2015

They're back - The Gentleman's Wager II

There is no denying Johnnie Walker make a good promotional flick. Back in 2014 we saw the silver screen legends Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini in The Gentleman's Wager, a short film celebrating the finer things in life and of course Johnnie Walker Blue.

Now it is 2015 and the boys are back with the second instalment: The Gentleman's Wager II. The mood of the short film takes on much more detailed story of the characters entering into a wager over a vintage Delahaye 135S Tourer while racing to arrive at Monte Carlo to win the bet. In echo of the the first short film Jude Laws character is quoted as saying "I want this car. And I don’t want to buy it with money. I want to win it." Adding to the mix is Chinese actress Zhao Wei appearing as a more of a cameo to build a character sure to appear in the next instalment.

I hope you enjoy the flick.

The Baron

This is a non-sponsord announcement. For any further details please defer to the Johnnie Walker website.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Art meets Science meets Whisky - Glenfiddich The Finishing Touch

Here is a bit of an interesting concept for whisky. We all enjoy our whisky and most probably enjoy a bit of good music to get into the vibe while kicking back with a dram. Glenfiddich have just released a short clip conducting an experiment to explore the effects of live music on single malt. That single malt is the Glenfiddich 21yo to be exact.

What is this really involving? Well instead of myself getting technical when I am not a technical person I thought it best to pull some extracts form the release for you to read yourself:

The Mavericks of Dufftown bought together a diverse ‘cast’ including experts in the science of Cymatics ( the study of visible sound waves), Caribbean vocalist, Calma Carmona, and the Co-Operative Orchestra Scotland in a revolutionary experiment designed to explore the effects of live music on single malt. Inspired by the whisky raised in Scotland and roused by the Caribbean, a Franz Ferdinand track, Love Illumination, was selected as the experiment’s catalyst, with a new interpretation fusing the musical heritage of both cultures through powerful Scottish orchestration and Carmona’s distinctive Caribbean vocal. 
The artists performed the unique track in a London warehouse in real time to an ‘audience’ of bespoke, precision-crafted devices, developed by creative laboratory TenHertz, and manufactured to capture the various cymatic effects of the music on the 21 year old liquid. Each device was specifically attuned to respond and react to different note ranges and sound frequencies, isolated through a speaker via specially programmed software.
Vaguely reminiscent of classroom chemistry flasks, but infinitely more sophisticated, the Decanter devices produced horizontal pulses and vibrations associated with the stringed instruments and Calma's vocals. The Double Helix and Zig Zag devices manifested air twists and zig zag patterns created by flowing whisky in response to the double bass and percussion of the orchestra and band. A fourth device, the Levitron, isolated one drop of ‘levitating’ single malt between two ultrasonic transducers in mid-air. The whisky was in suspended animation, created by the notes of the song's finale and it’s the first time that this has been witnessed outside of a laboratory.
Sounds pretty cool right? Now if you set aside all he technical guff and take this for what it really is, then you going to love it. Visually it is spectacular clip making me pretty thirsty for a whisky.

I hope you enjoy.

The Baron

Information quoted in this post has been provided to us as an official media release by Agent99 on behalf of the Glenfiddich.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wild Turkey Wrap Up - Jimmy & Eddie Russell's Aus Tour

The Grain Bar, Sydney hosting Jimmy & Eddie Russel
The Father & Son Master Distillers of Wild Turkey , Jimmy Russell & Eddie Russell, have been to old Sydney town. I am sure there was few bourbon appreciators in Australia that did not hear the thunder of these big guns rumbling into town.

Through just over a week or so Jimmy and Eddie held well over a couple of handfuls of events for both PR and public to press the good word in Kentucky Bourbon in both Sydney to Melbourne. Yes it is a pity they did not have more time to get all around all of Australia but I am happy they at least got my neck of the woods.

Whisky and turkey everywhere
Just after Jimmy Russell’s arrival I had the opportunity sit down for a one on one interview for just over an hour at the Campari HQ in North Sydney. It was a great opportunity and I learnt a good deal of things from the Master Distiller. To keep this write up as short as possible you may read more about this interview in full with questions and answers over at my Sydney whisky appreciation business Dramnation's website: An Interview With Jimmy Russell. At the time Eddie was not available with duties calling in Melbourne for Whisky Live but I had several additional chances to speak in the coming days.

The following week I saw Jimmy & Eddie again for the official PR launch of the tour at The Grain Bar, Four Seasons Sydney. During this event we enjoyed the spectacle of father & son working their magic. Moving through the crowd Jimmy & Eddie were shaking hands and chatting to complete strangers like they were old friends. Jimmy & Eddie both emphasised the point that it is people that make the whisky and that their market (you and I) are their most important focus. There was no shortage of Russell time that was for sure.

Eddie and Jimmy Russell presenting at The Grain Bar, Sydney
This event was also a launching platform to see both the new Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel and the Wild Turkey Master’s Keep entering our market. The Single Barrel is a great addition to the Russell’s Reserve Family delivery a rich vanilla body sitting close to the flagship profile. Chewy, sweet, decadent and affordable.

The Master’s Keep on the other hand is a limited release of a 17 year old aged bourbon created by Eddie Russell under the watchful eye of his father. This will not a be a permeant line with Wild Turkey and has been drawn from stocks of whiskey that were stored in brick warehouses. Jimmy & Eddie had told me the story of how Wild Turkey was running out of storage pre the new warehouses being built so they had to store a good quantity of barrels in these older brick warehouses. Due to the brick insulation the barrels were not ageing as fast or to the profile needed for any of the Wild Turkey expressions. As they sat longer and longer they developed more and more mellow wood characteristics. Jimmy had mentioned many a time about how he does see a need for Wild Turkey bourbon needing to display obvious intense wood characteristics which caused a problem with what to do with these longer aged barrels. Eddie would chuckle every time Jimmy spoke about aged bourbon while commenting heartedly about how he was so lucky to have gotten this past his father at all. Both parties had moments of jovial eye rolling during this discussion while cheerfully laughing at the situation.

Some of the action including whisky bloggers
Later that week on the 29th July, 2015 we saw Jimmy & Eddie return to host a public event aimed solely at connecting with the consumer market. The event titled “Meet The Masters” saw individuals like myself enter a competition online by submitting reasons why we should meet the masters. I was lucky enough to win these tickets well before being asked to interview Jimmy or to attend the Grain Bar launch so I was pretty stoked just be part of the audience for a change. The event was held in the upper floor of the The Argyle in The Rocks, Sydney and I arrived super early (as always) to scope out the scene and get a good spot.

On arrival we were generously handed a bottle of Russell’s Reserve to have personally signed by Jimmy & Eddie. In many cases one bottle was not enough as fans arrived hauling wheeler luggage bags packed with Wild Turkey paraphernalia. My jaw dropped at some of the things being pulled out. Yeah I thought, this is what this is all about for these guys. Jimmy had noted to me earlier in the week that these events, the ones for the fans and consumers are what they are here for. “They are the most important people” Jimmy had said. Latter that night in speaking with Eddie again he had also said “We love these people. This is what Wild Turkey is all about. We have all the time in the world for these people”. To see the smiles on peoples faces as the audience got to shake the hand of the maker was pure gold. The Meet The Masters events were held in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Meet The Masters activities
Many have said this may be Jimmy’s last global tour as Eddie takes over the rein’s as Master Distiller at Wild Turkey. This maybe the case but I cannot recall hearing any comment like that coming from Jimmy’s mouth or from Eddie. From what others have said about Jimmy including my own experience I think it would be almost impossible to stop Jimmy from getting out there and mingling with the crowd. This father and son team clearly are enjoying the experience working together and I hope it continues for some time to come. In either case I am so glad to have had such a great time meeting these lads over those several days.

Thanks to Wild Turkey Australia, Campari Australia, and Trish Nicol Agency for putting on a great show.

The Baron.

D.T.W.C. was invited as a guest these events. All views and opinions are our own unless otherwise stated.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Get out and try it - Russells' Reserve 10 Year Old

Russell's Reserve Small Batch 10 Year Old
Bourbon is making serious inroads into Australia these days. Not that bourbon never was here but rather being taken more seriously as a premium product. Ok yeah Bourbon and cola tastes great and is a marriage mad in heaven but it is not the be all end all. of how it should be considered. The spirits companies have been their own worst enemy in Australia, setting this view point that Bourbon should be consumed with cola as the primary message. Well if you are a regular ready of my posts you will already know I have a soft spot for bourbon as do most of our club members. As always I say step back, take another look, and reinvigorate your appreciation for Bourbon. And where can you start? Why not jump in to Russell’s Reserve Small Batch 10 Year Old Bourbon.

Russell’s Reserve, as the name suggests, is the bourbon that celebrates the family name and the Wild Turkey icon Jimmy Russell. Like all Wild Turkey products this is a premium product but unlike the other family members is declared small batch in production. Each batch is about 150 barrels specially selected then married to create the Russell’s Reserve Signature taste. Though the barrels are selected on an individual basis the original spirit off the still is exactly the same as what you will find in all Wild Turkey. The grain is the same, the mash is the same, the yeast which is over 40 years old is the same, the stills are the same and of course the warehouses are the same. It is simply the ageing of the spirit in the barrels that deliver the most characteristic changes. Aged at a minimum of 10 years Jimmy feels this is as far as bourbon spirit should be aged while delivering the zenith of Wild Turkey flavours.

Russell's Reserve new packaging September 2015
On the shelf the bottle is solid and squat making it very clearly different to the regular Wild Turkey releases. Directly above the table you will spy raised lettering displaying Jimmy Russels signature. Jimmy never really wanted a bottle named after him so for the collector it is worth noting that Jimmy’s signature has now been removed from the bottle. Jimmy wants this to be just as much about his son and family as it is his and the fact is it is both Jimmy and Eddies creation. According to a discussion I had with Jimmy Russell back in July 24th 2015, the signature will be replaced globally with the line ‘Russell Family Reserve’. Of course the flavour profile will remain exactly the same. Here in Australia there is still a mass of the old bottles getting around so snap them up while you can as the design has been significantly amended. Backing up on the change to the bottle we will also see releases of the Russell's Reserve 6 Year Old Rye, Russell's Reserve Single Barrel, and Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Rye.

Meeting Jimmy Russell in Sydney
The man himself Jimmy Russell is a loveable chap, always willing to give you an ear and listen to what you have to say and ask. I discovered a lot of things about Jimmy and Wild Turkey during our interview so without repeating, If you would like to find out more about my interview with Jimmy Russell, then head on over to my article on Dramnation: An Interview With Jimmy Russell - A Humbling Experience.

Russell's Reserve Small Batch 10 Tear Old
Distillery: Wild Turkey
Location / Region: Lawrenceburg, Kentucky USA
Alcohol / ABV: 45%
Type: Small Batch Bourbon

Colour: Flame Orange

Nose: Sweet rich oak vanillas, saturated oranges and warm buttered popcorn. A spice of mild fennel and peppercorns lurks.

Taste: Super rounded, fruity with rich vanilla on initial taste. As the whiskey moves into the palate sweet toffee and smooth buttered corn kernels with some high grain nippy on their heals.

Finish: Long and warm with mild spicy oak tannins that delivery a earthy texture. A grain element sits in the high points with fleshy fruits in the mouth before the finish extends with a soft dryness.

Overall a great value small batch bourbon. At just over $60AU a bottle you cannot go wrong with this whiskey. If I was to give a dram 6 out of 7. I really enjoy this whiskey anytime of the year.

There is much to appreciate with this bourbon and the value for money is perfect. Get out and try it if you have not already and remember those older bottles will be disappearing from the shelves very soon.

The Baron

Monday, September 21, 2015

A beast of whisky - Ardbeg Supernova 2015

Ardbeg Supernova 2015 Sample
With the Ardbeg Space Experiment now over there has been one final release of the Ardbeg Supernova series to celebrate. Release 4 of the Supernova series is possibly one for the most exciting I have tried to date. It really packs a punch even though the ABV is ever so slightly less that than 2014.

We have been following some of the progress of the Ardbeg Space Experiment in recent past with our post Going Supernova - Sampling the Ardbeg Supernova and Space Aged Whisky - Ardbeg In Space. To find out more about the experiment results why not have a read of the White Paper Dr Bill Lumsden has released.

Ardbeg Supernova 2015
Distillery: Ardbeg
ABV: 54.3%
Location / Region: Islay, Scotland

Colour: Apple flesh

Nose: Giant, rich, and peaty. Smoke is prevalent while displaying sweet caramel fudge, boggy earthy textures, and milk chocolate. The malt element also delivers a bready to warm breakfast cereal characteristic.

Taste: Full bodied, mouth coating, sweet, tacky, salty and earthy. A heavy hitter in character this whisky is not shy of pushing its way to your gut.

Finish: Hell warming in the chest. A real fire build fast and furious before sweet medical textures salivate in the mouth. Finally a very obvious spicy aniseed and turpentine dryness to finally take hold.

Overall it is a beast of whisky and something to keep those peat freaks happy that may have felt the Ardbeg Day 2015 Perpetuum release earlier this year was not disco enough. If I was to give a dram a solid 6 out of 7. It is a good whisky with real character.

At $245 a bottle the price is not for the faint hearted but I certainly think if you were not as happy with the previous Supernova release this should stifle those qualms. Purchasing is available for Australian residence now through the Moet-Hennessy website.

The Baron

D.T.W.C. was supplied a sample for review. All views and opinions are our own unless otherwise stated. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Whisky Meets Art - Glenfiddich Artist In Residence Contest

Whisky can encompass many things and it is great to see when the distilleries and corporate biddies that run then get involved in the Arts. William Grant & Sons is one of the family owned companies that embrace craftsmanship and the arts throughout their distilleries values.

Right now, from the 10th Sep until the 13th Sep, Sydney locals can head over to the Carriageworks in Eveleigh for the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair to catch a glimpse of the 7 finalists for Artists In Residence Contest. don’t think this is just your average gallery display because the Glenfiddich pop-up bar will be in amongst the art work serving up drams. Glenfiddich Artist in Residence curator Andy Fairgrieve will also be on hand to discuss the artworks and lead a panel of judges in who takes home the grand prize.

What does the winner receive? A 3 month internship at the Glenfiddich Distillery in Scotland called at $21,000. Live the craft, make the craft, drink the craft.

If you are keen on a dram and a showcase follow your nose to:

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair
September 10-13
Carriageworks, 245 Wilson Street Eveleigh

For further details contact Agent99 Public Relations, visit Glenfiddich or the William Grant & Sons websites.

The Baron

Information quoted in this post has been provided to us as an official media release by Agent99 on behalf of William Grant & Sons. This article originally appeared on

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Big Guns - Dramtacular at The Whisky Room

Dramtacular setup at The Whisky Room, The Clock Hotel
Sydney has become an exceptionally vibrant place for whisky tasting experiences with many bars now running their own events. As the industry expands so too bars are looking for alternate was to generate ideas no how to interact with this growing whisky audience. Quite simply whisky is not the den of older gentrified drinkers but instead a vocal, colourful and very enthusiastic and educated audience. Key word here us “educated”. Of course we want to know more about how the whisky is made but also who makes in and why they do the things they have done. Access to these makers and brand ambassadors has become and imperative requirement in the current dramming light.

The evening of Monday 17th August saw one of our favourite dramming locations, The Whisky Room at The Clock Hotel in Surry Hills, Sydney host an almost micro conference on whisky titled Dramtacular. This event was managed jointly with South Trade and The Whisky Room to deliver likes of Martin Lynch, Brand Ambassador for Teeling Whiskey, David Vitale founder of New World Distillery and creator of Starward Whisky, and Gee David Brand Ambassador for Bruichladdich, banter it out over their products and whisky in general to a crowded room of 40 or so individuals. All 3 brands currently fall under the South Trade portfolio distribution throughout Australia, so it is no coincidence the 3 big guns have come together in one Dramtacular evening.

Speakers and audience
For event situations like this it is not important to focus on what exactly is being tasted so we are going to avoid listings the settings and describing the profiles of each whisky. Really what we get out of opportunities like this is a chance to meet, greet, and interact with a suite of knowledgeable, influencing individuals that make this whisky community so electric.

Through the evening we had some insightful looks into distilleries from the perspective of the Starward founder David Vitale, to the brand ambassadors Gee and Martin. Each speaker had their own style of presentation, but all were relaxed in their own way. Playful banter crossed the floor between speakers with points of facts often deferring to one or the other. The evening finished with a few more pours of whisky to make the rounds and the speakers mingling in the crowd or sharing a cigar in the balcony.

Just a few of the drams and eats on the tables
The Whisky Room, as a location for events like this or rocking in for a dram is simply fantastic. Large high ceilings, creative yet balanced decor, big wide doors and windows opening onto a balcony suspended into a green spaced outdoor atrium. Dániel Molnár and staff are always friendly and very knowledgable about the whiskies on the shelf and the beers on tap. The whisky list is creative but not ridiculously extensive so the bottles are turning over at a good rate. Often you will find the duty free gem relaxing on the shelf just waiting for the seal to be cracked. A nice list of boiler maker match ups between beers and whiskies is on hand while the bar top food is excellent and the wine list diverse. We recommend ordering your eats over the Whisky Room bar for prompt fast delivery to your table. The burgers are delicious.

Thanks to South Trade, Dániel and the lads at The Whisky Room, David, Martin, and Gee for a fantastic evening.

The Baron

D.T.W.C. was invited as a guest this event. All views and opinions are our own unless otherwise stated.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Space Aged Whisky - Ardbeg In Space

Ardbeg Space Aged Whisky
Anyone who knows anything about whisky knows Ardbeg and the distillery that holds the same name. Love its deep peaty waters or shudder at the thought of smokey whisky, it is irrelevant to the fact we all all know the distillery. This can be emphasised through the iconic Ardbeg 10yo, or the fact Ardbeg is synonymous with peat, that Dr Bill Lumsden progresses the distillery through experimentation or the point of the quirky PR promotions and PR campaigns that we look forward to rolling around each year.

So to be announcing Ardbeg as the first distillery to officially send whisky into space for experimentation would be like opening the gate after the horse has bolted. You know it has happened already. So let us look at where this experiment is at now. After seeing a vial of Ardbeg placed on the ISS (International Space Station) in October 30th 2011 and, and after 3 years of orbiting the earth at 17,227 miles per hour, 15 times a day for 1,045 days, the whisky has returned to terra firma. That is one hell of a round trip that now needs to be poked and prodded like an Area 51 Alien crash site.

Not without a control subject at the same time an identical vial was retained at Warehouse 3 at the Ardbeg Distillery. On return earth the 2 samples have been collected in a Houston, Texas laboratory to examine the difference in maturation.

10ml of this precious liquid has been making a globe trotting exhibition from country to country and now, June to July, we see this 10ml appear in Aus for the first time.

David White presenting and discussing the space whisky experiment
On show in Sydney’s Dan Murphy’s Double Bay store, this sample of the whisky has been displayed in what is being called a “zero-gravity display case”. Much anticipation has been queried about this display and what “zero-gravity” really meant. How does it float? Was it a large magnetic levitation tool? Well truth be told it neither floats nor is it zero gravity. In fact it is a cleaver illusion where by the vial is sandwiched between layers of clear plastic and polished to a near perfect transparency. Either way the capsule looks pretty cool.

As part of the launch David White, International Business Director at The Glenmorangie Company, presented the display while leading us through a thorough discussion on Ardbeg, Dr Bill Lumsden’s involvement, and what this experiment hoped to achieve.

The focus of the research is to look at the impact of zero-gravity as on the whisky maturation process. We cannot say right now how this experiment was conducted or even if the whisky was contained in glass, stainless steel, or wood, as details on the research have not been made public. The final white paper will be available in September 2015 according to current sources.

The crowd enjoying cocktails and Ardbeg 10yo
Following is an extract of Dr Bills Lumsden, Ardbeg’s Director of Distilling and Whisky Creation and lead researcher, words on the subject.
“Ardbeg is known for taking risks in its development of some of the most coveted whiskies in the world, so it is fitting that it is the first distillery ever in space. We are now close to finding answers to something previously unknown which is truly exciting.” 
“We hope to shine new light on the effect of gravity on the maturation process and are
very excited to bring the Ardbeg Space Installation to Australia, as one of only ten
locations around the world”.
In conclusion of the experiment a small measure of this whisky will be actioned off to the highest bidder. As sort after as this whisky sample will be, we can very much doubt it will be tasted. If it is consumed then we can be sure it will be an experience out of this world (cough cough bad joke).

To conclude let us be clear it is certainly not the first spirit sent into space and, probably not the first whisky (smuggling contraband into space has been happening since the Apollo missions and earlier), but it is the first with a specific scientific purpose. Maturing whisky in space is an interesting concept, be it a very expensive concept.

Thanks to Ardbeg, Moet Hennessy Australia, and EVH PR for the invitation.

The Baron

D.T.W.C. was invited as a guest this event. All views and opinions are our own unless otherwise stated.