Monday, March 23, 2009

A Reason for Being

The Distant Thunder Whisky Club's name pays homage to the whisky tasting giant [literally] of Michael Jackson. It was his elegant description of the Isle of Skye born Talisker 1982 20 Year Old that inspired many of us to begin our journey.

I have borrowed the quote below from Whisky Magazine for those who have not read it before:
  • Nose: Scorched earth. Harbour aromas. Seaweed.
  • Palate: Distant thunder. Seems to rumble and reverberate as the volcanic heat builds ever so slowly. Hot, slightly sour, peppery. Very tightly combined flavours, reluctant to unfurl. When they did, the earth moved.
  • Finish: Quite quick and sharp. A thunderflash.
  • Comment: Doesn't sound enjoyable? You bet it was.
[image courtesy of Wikipedia]