Friday, April 3, 2009

Distant Thunder Logo

It's always good to have options and here is another. I've listened to the roar of concern, or is that 1000 bikies chanting my name outside. They have such melody in their voice.
The second version retains the original flavour but with the earthiness of peat. I'm tasting notes of belt buckle, stickers and dirty Levi jeans. It still retains the bikie sweat overtones of which can have full throttle applied to it at any stage.

It doesn't finish with any floral on the palette most importantly.

Naturally our signature moto will remain.



  1. I must of missed something. Whats our Motto?

  2. I like the 2nd one because I can see it on a label. And yes where is the moto...?

  3. There is no doubt, the yellowish, brownish version is the winner Dave.

    I love the lightning strike (on both of them) as well. It adds an element of danger. Although if I'm going to be pedantic about it- the "distant thunder" in the original quote from MJ was in reference to volcanic a eruption, as opposed to storm activity.

    then again, the wings are just for show, so I shouldn't split hairs!


  4. this is just a post to show a potential idea for a new logo. when everyone likes a general direction I'll put it all together (and yes, with moto!!)

    didn't know about the volcanic, I just took cues from the original page featuring a storm.

    these are just first thoughts. I was thinking as first meeting is a month and a half away i'll just add stuff as I do it.

    but hey, i'm happy to stick with it if people like the second. saves me.

  5. I have been looking at this for days (yes the stats on the site are probably up because of me) and thought to make my own personal comment about the logo.

    When the idea of a name for the club appeared I was not so keen on it as I just did not understand it or why it had to have a name but then when Dave made the 1st logo I got very excited and thought sweet now I am really into it.

    Then of course Dave you made the 2nd one and I just thought this is AWSOME and really something to be proud of and really captured the spirit (and metal state of the members).

    So the 3rd one appeared and as I mentioned on Saturday I personally lost enthusiasm and said the "gold logo was leagues ahead of the 3rd one" as a personal point.

    Now the 4th one has appeared and I have to say I have lost pretty much all interest in it. Why? Because personally it is not speaking to me the excitement, dynamics and uniqueness the first two logos had. Seems to have no spirit or pride anymore but rather stiff and drawn. If I saw it in the street I would not give it a 2nd glance. Certainly once the glass and lightning bolt was removed and the heavy explosive font changed it was all over for me.

    Being a designer I am not a fan of the Design By Committee so this is clearly not a design request but merely my opinion out of 4 and a choice for what it is worth. The Gold logo will forever remain in my heart (and computer screen saver and if I had an iPhone on that too, possibly leather bomber jacket if I could afford one, and yes a whisky bottle if the day was to ever come).

  6. If ever there was a problem with having 3 creatives (and 1 wanabe) in a club it has suddenly become apparent...I am going to make some notes on the blog/club.

    There are two camps essentially. The 'rock n roll' club, and the 'pipe-smoking-think-your-sophisticated' club.

    The former is those who thought the club was some casual get-together, where we drank whisky every now and again, talked about peat & stuff, had a good time.

    The latter is those who thought the club should be something more and took it to the next level (I guess I am partly to blame here). Suddenly we had a 'club', with a 'blog', with a 'logo', with 'education' and 'tasting notes', etc, etc.

    Clearly Wooly is part of the rock n roll club, and ironically Dave is as well. I would suggest that I am rather the other way, I do think myself more sophisticated.

    Anyway, the good news that you are not a 'real' club until you have factions, and it would seem we now have those now.

    But let's face the facts, the other logo was black, this one is white, and no one likes reading websites with a black background. So it is this logo for now, unless you want the brown text again!

    Don't let make me pull out the blog-poll again!

    Peace already, dammit, besides...I like this logo better...