Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to taste whisky?

I recently wanted to write a review about the whisky I am enjoying at the moment. So I consciously sat down and thought about it carefully and realised that I have now idea where to begin. How do I describe a whisky, smoky, peaty or toffee? What do these terms really mean? When should they be used? How do you describe the colour? Surely every whiskies colour isn't caramel? It then dawned on me that the first meeting would be terrible if members didn't understand what we are looking for when tasting whisky? Surely everyone needs this information?

After many internet searches I discovered the Introduction to the Nosing and Tasting Course at Whisky Magazine. This is a brief five part lesson on how to nose and taste whisky. My hope is that this course will assist members to write insightful reviews and most importantly, allow the language of whisky to flourish at our inaugural meeting.

The lessons links are below [thanks to Whisky Magazine]:

In part 3, the Whisky Wheel is introduced and I have added the large wheel above for people to print and study. I would encourage all members to print and read this course, especially the wheel above. Furthermore, I ask any members with further tasting insights to provide links in the comments field below.