Wednesday, April 1, 2009

International Whisky Day and Michael Jackson

Just checking out some of the many new recommended whisky blogs and came across, which provides whisky stories in video format (click here to launch media player). I found three things here that immediately interested me:

(1) International Whisky Day was apparently on the 27th March 2009. Seeing as none of our fellowship managed to raise this, I thought it best that I did...although I have done multiple searches and found nothing about this prestigious day.

(2) Michael Jackson: Beer Hunter Whisky Chaser is a new book on sale through ClassicExpressions. has a video interviewing some of the books contributing authors and editors. Seeing as one of his tasting notes bestows our club name, I thought it only fit to mention. This great whisky and beer writer set the ground marks for tasting and writing about whisky's and beer.

(3) For all those excited about Whisky Live, they also have insight from the London event...which from what I can tell is just a piss up.