Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tasting glass anyone?

Well chaps in excitement for the first D.T.W.C. meeting (and probably over enthusiasm) the ones of us holding slight unofficial meetings have noted a discussion about bringing ones own glass to the club...which of course makes sense. I have to say I do not retain any form of standard tasting glass for anything, but I have done a bit of a search around and it occurred to me maybe others don't have one either?

Anyway, I have found at the Single Malt Whisky Club store you can purchase glasses individually at $17.95 a piece, or in packs of 6-or-more at $15 a piece. Obviously a small saving...and I cannot tell what the charge will be as it comes as standard Australia Post, but clearly it is cheaper to purchase all in one go rather than several.

Let me know if you are interested and I can make a purchase and deliver on the night, otherwise I fear I will be turning up with a beer stein.

P.S. while you are at the website having a squiz, see what you think of the pricing. In most cases I have found the pricing to be around the same as Dan Murphy's...but then their might be something special in the store we could purchase for a sampling at one of the meetings.

Baron von Dram


  1. I forgot to mention I will place the order in a weeks time (next Wed) so any members up for it let me know.

  2. Thanks Woolie, I already have my whisky glass primed. As a side, I like my whisky glass 'fluting' at the top (unlike the one above), otherwise the whisky burns my nose hairs...but it's a personal thing.

  3. Like Clint, I have a glass primed (although not for the first meeting as I won't be in attendance.)

    My glass if firmly stashed away in a storage unit in the SW Sydney suburbs. The last place anyone one would look for it. It hidden away like the ark in Raiders.