Monday, April 6, 2009

Tasting of a 16 year old...

Thanks to El Capitan a special birthday gift brought an awaited addition to my ever dwindling supply of scotch whisky in my stores. Knowing in advance the possibility that a whisky was in the woods, plus experiencing Capitan's love affair with his other mistress Ardbeg, it was not unexpected that Peat had to come into it somewhere. I was introduced to the Lagavulin 16yo and yes she had legs and good side of booty.

On opening the bottle, with El Capitan and the Secretary huddled close and expectant, the expression would be 'she smelt smoky and heavy.' Dark in colour on the pour she sits behind the glass like a lady of the night in an Amsterdam red light district, looking straight through you, disinterested, but your intrigued, she does not give a damn because she knows you have been weighed and found's only a matter of time.

Initial tasting is dry, wait no...DRY. After saturation she becomes slightly more fragrant but ultimately dry, smoky and dare I say it assertively ashy. Aptly put by the Secretary, 'a bush fire' referring to the taste one gets in the mouth and nose when in proximity to burning scrub. Think driving down the highway seeing a white haze of bush fire, you close the vents, no wait the smell is in the car, the smell is in the nose, the taste is in the throat and it's not leaving soon. The intensity of the flavour truly saturates and gets into the gums and tongue.

Not as heavy as the Ardbeg still a lesser man would cut it with water like a cheap street smack dealer blending in the backing soda, but I say hold out as the flavour will easily sit in the mouth an hour after even a half dram. I must say without cutting (and I am not the cutting kind), it is a short drink to be experienced on occasion rather than a daily. Better drunk on a rainy cold evening.

Baron von Peat


  1. She is seductive, easily one of the best looking whisky's out there...damn those Islay's are peaty.

  2. OK so I typed in 'Lagavulin tasting' this morning and this is what I got. Certainly entertaining...

  3. That is what I'm expecting everyone to wear come club night.
    Thanks Woolie! I thought it was tops.

  4. Love it Woolie. Particularly the lady of the night comment.

    I love that guys review as well. He clearly wanted that first sip to last forever. Been there.

    I have about half a finger of Lagavulin 16yo left. It might be time for a new bottle myself.

  5. Just a return comment to the Lagavulin 16. After a couple of weeks now of sneaky follow up samples I am finding the taste still very enjoyable and very unique which I think is a good sign overall.

    As an experiment recently I did cut the Lady with a small amount of water (both tap and mineral and I do mean small) only to discover the complexity diminished terribly. Again not to my tastes and not a recommendation. I say if shes got booty then slap both those cheeks and not just one!

    Still not a daily whisky for me (savour those moments) but as I have now completely depleted my stocks of Oban 14 and The Glenlivet 12 I need to quickly fill the stores or the Lady Lagavulin will be soon spent.

  6. Hey Baron, there's no rating on your review for the Lagavulin do you rate it?

  7. I would have to have another few drams as a refresher as it has been a while. 6 out of 7 or there about in my books. Delicious but drying to the pallet. When on offer I will always take it. In some ways I actually prefer the cask strength 12yo but the 16yo has a unique dryness I have not found in other whiskies.

  8. Thanks Baron...I have received a bottle of Lagavulin 16yo for the past two Xmas's from my Dad...hope that continues!