Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Aperitif Dram

Though many of us already tried the Bruichladdich 12 Second Edition on our official D.T.W.C. evening (kindly supplied by the honourable Secretary) I still needed to crack the stores and open my own bottle of the 12 to see why there was no fuss or chorus of cheers. Now I can see why. Excited still? Yes indeed. Why, because I enjoyed many of the tastings at the Bruichladdich evening and had hopes for this one.

This is an Islay Single Malt at 46% matured in bourbon casks with no chill filtering or colouring and holding a low peat level.

To me, on the nose the alcohol is not masked. You could almost say ouch! Keep going it is not so bad. Because of its light peated nature and sweet pear tips I would not shun a dram.

What can I say of the taste... clean, crisp, with flavour of mild butterscotch heading towards, for lack of better words, sweet fruits with mild citrus and and ocean crispness. Does it stay in the mouth or throat? Not at all and in a matter of minutes most of the flavour has passed leaving a dryness on the back of the tongue just enough to make you want to go eat something.

Ideally I think in the words of the Bruichladdich distillery "The Twelve is the perfect aperitif for when your neighbour calls around on a Saturday lunchtime." My interpretation of that would be that you would never be embarrassed to offer to friends or family nor would it upset ones appetite. A evening started, followed by a meal, and then into the true depths of the single malt experience. Possibly if myself, the Secretary, or the most recent honourable host Senior Unwin have any left we may trial it as an event starter several hours before the true evenings tasting.

Above an entry level certainly and it holds flavour for a single malt. Sorry no booty scale.

If I gave a dram then it would be 3 1/2 out of 5.

Matt The Baron Wooler