Saturday, May 30, 2009

Club meet wrap-up and financials

Members, I know I am speaking for all of us when I say our first D.T.W.C. event was a huge success. From what I heard, I really enjoyed it. Apologies if I had more than my fair share of Talisker...actually no, scratch that, it was great and I loved it! I would like to put forward a suggestion that next time, we start with some beers and/or a meal before hitting the whisky.

  • Income = $180 (9 members @ $20 each)
  • Expenses = $73 (1x bottle 10yr Talisker)
  • Profit = $107

These funds can be used at the club's discretion, for any purpose deemed necessary. For example, we can purchase a more expensive bottle for the next meet, or we may agree to fund some merchandise purchases, showing heaven forbid, the club's logo.

El Capitan