Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Logo, Decision '09

I am proposing a final vote on the logo. The Baron has made some emotive comments which may or may not reflect other members concerns...and whilst he insisted he doesn't care, the fact that he has mulled over this for 2 days prior to commenting means he actually does 'give a dram.' we all should! Pride in our club is very important, and an appropriate symbol is a big part of that.

Furthermore, the logo is pivotal for my merchandising plans, starting with shirts...and ultimately leading to our own underwear line...Distant Thunder undies, hmm, El Capitan may endorse this.

Now Dave has spent considerable time and effort putting the two logo's together, which have culminated in the crest (above) and the winged (below):
I am proposing a simple (and final) or the other. All members have until Sunday 8pm to vote. The poll is open now.

Remember, sober we stand…pissed we fall.