Friday, May 15, 2009


I hope you are all practising your "WEE" for tomorrow night.

Bottle packed and ready to go. EXCITING TIMES!

Matt W (The Wee Master)


  1. I am purchasing THE whisky tonight. Really looking forward to it actually. Won't be unveiling it until everyone has arrived. See you tommorrow night!!!
    El Capitan

  2. I have to confess I'm not the biggest fan of whiskey so don't go overboard on the purchasing on my account. Maybe just a minature?

  3. Lock, stock and one bottle 'o whisky!

  4. Guys - wow, by not taking the slightest interest in how much I was drinking, I managed to get myself completely trashed on Sat night. Apologies if I offended anyone, things are somewhat hazy towards the end of the evening. Was a wreck all day yesterday and still not 100% today. Hopefully some others enjoyed themselves. For the record the club had $107 to carry over.
    Brad (el sick capitan)

  5. Apart form the Blair Witch Project style camera work there is some pretty scary action which we all will be scratching our heads about for months to come. (No Lincoln hats thank the gods).

    Yes I still have 1/2 a bottle of the Glenfiddich 12 left. It must have dropped a total 30ml the whole night. I suspect the greasy JW Black had more action even with taste of bacon fat around the lid. Trumpet by Dave again.

  6. Men,
    We must be strong and remember we are a noble fraternity. My driver alerted me to the notion (apparently shared by all the drivers), that we would only have one meeting, and the society would crumble. This must be prevented!

    Now is not the time for regrets about alleged drunkenness or feuding about who didn't drink their fair share of Glenfiddich12 or of that poisonous Macallan. Now is the time for consolidation. Now is the time for celebration of our famous deeds and triumphs.

    Has there ever been so much Scotch consumed in one night? Has there ever been so much witty and erudite conversation? Have eight (Sorry Mr President but no shoes? Come on you can do better) better dressed men ever been seen together in one room? These are the issues we should be focused on!

    Remember our Motto - WE DONT GIVE A DRAM!