Friday, May 22, 2009

The Whisky Flavour Map


Whilst doing some 'research' recently I came across the following on the Talisker website. It’s a Whisky Flavour Map produced by the Diageo Scotland Company, which owns many of the distilleries listed on the map*. I recommend downloading the map itself here as a .PDF file for printing.

I quite liked it and thought it a useful product to use when attempting to gauge whether or not to purchase a whisky. You'll note that the Talisker 10yo from our first meeting is found in the top left quadrant of the map, while several of the others we drank are found in other quadrants. Personally I enjoy the peaty flavours, and will be attempting to increase my holdings with further purchases from the 'north' of the map.

Personally I think we should attempt to purchase 'club whiskies' from all four quadrants over time, so that we can broaden our tasting experience. Likewise I think it would be great to see whiskies from all of the quadrants brought to meetings by members in line with their own personal preference for others to share.

There are some other points worth noting. Firstly, as I'm sure the observant amongst you have noticed, the aforementioned Talikser 10yo shares a quadrant with the Ardbeg 10yo, a fact that probably explains El Presidenté's vast consumption on the night and subsequent headache.

Secondly, unfortunately the JW Black doesn’t make this map, but perhaps Dave you could start your own. Remember you'll have to adjust the flavour to account for the inch of grease on the top of the bottle.

Likewise, Ritchie might have to look to the Southwest to find his beer, and Saurav, I think you'll find your preference for Rum in uncharted territory – Beware, Here Be Monsters!


* This is actually an interesting aside, since it indicates that Bruichladdich is not the only company with a strategy of selling a large range of different whisky styles. Diageo is just doing the same thing, with different brands, not different small batch whiskies.