Saturday, June 27, 2009

Whisky Live Sydney update: Tickets on Sale!

Tickets are now available for the Sydney 09 Whisky Live extravaganza! The event runs from the 31st August 09 through to the 6th September 09 and includes:

(1) Masterclasses: which includes " for whisky consumers, hospitality and retailers."

(2) Dinners: where eight restaurants in Sydney will allow diners to "experience a specially created menu with food matched to whisky, in the form of a six-course degustation meal."

(3) Tasting Expo: held inside the overseas passenger terminal ( in the Rocks), the expo will allow attendees to The Expo gives the opportunity to taste fabulous whiskies and talk to the experts, and discover "what makes each whisky so unique...there’s bound to be more than enough to satisfy every whisky lover’s preference."

For those who want to get a better understanding of how the Whisky Live events work, then check out This site has some footage from prior events from other localities throughout the world.

Please click here for ticket sales and information, see you there!


This is a non-sponsord promotion. For any further details please defer to the Whisky Live website.


  1. I have purchased my ticket for the 5pm session on Saturday 5th Sept!!!

  2. Gents,
    I too have purchased my ticket. Saturday 5th Sept, 5pm session.

    See you there!

  3. Members, as your Secretary I thought I should let you know I have made a fatal error. I have double-booked 5th Sept weekend. This weekend already finds me in Brisbane for my Mum's 60th b'day.

    Whatever I say beyond this point will either incriminate me in the eye's of my family...or my fellow dram-brothers.

    I simply choose to remain in far as to say I cannot attend Whisky Live 2009.