Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Strawberry Fields? Bruchladdich 16yo

Members will remember that the first D.T.W.C. meeting was not a resounding success for the Honorable Member for Ultimo, and that I only managed half a dram of the Talisker. Therefore, in the company of our esteemed President and Secretary, I recently approached Bruichladdich First Growth 16yo Cuvee A: Pauillac Chateau Lafite with some trepidation.

The vast majority of modern whiskies are aged in bourbon barrels, however, the Bruichladdich 16yr is aged in Chateau Lafite oak wine barrels that were used for their Cabernet/Merlot blend. You immediately notice the red hue to the whisky. It also has a naturally dark colour and I noted that no colouring had been added to the whisky.

I first tasted whisky when I was around 10 years old from my fathers glass. Such a young palate found whisky incredibly harsh and today it is still the harshness of whisky that repels me. The smooth silkiness of the Bruichladdich is what drew me in.

The nose is very clean. Fruity, blackcurrants and a hint of smokiness. I didn't detect the mint that some tasting notes I have read detected.

On the palate there is the immediate burst of alcohol, but this soon melts away leaving fruit on the palate. Strawberries are the key sensation you are supposed to get, but I have to admit that they didn't come through for me. It can apparently take 30 minutes to come through. The finish is quite dry.

I still only managed one dram, I wouldn't want to push the rehabilitation.

Four lightning bolts out of seven.

The Converted,


  1. WTF? When did this post occur and how come now emails went out? Am I out or am I in?

  2. Well I have to say excellent to see this appear because my opinion on the night I tasted this was disappointed but in saying that I did have 5 other Bruichladdichs prior and I thin my over anxious pallet lost it's way. Also it was the night I did try the Bruichladdich Otomore and there is little the pallet can remember after that. I need to rumble El Capitans stores I think to refresh my memory.

    Richie the Octomore won't just put you in therapy it will give you a wedgy in a straight jacket and I'd pay a dollar to see that! Anyway enough about the chard wench and more about this washer woman of a whiskey you have reviewed... no booty scale? WAIT did you say the DTWC meet was NOT a resounding. Colonel-in-Chief you have permission to law down martial law, no YOU ARE THE LAW!

  3. I am in and I can't spell!

  4. Baron Von Matt the ObscureJuly 21, 2009 at 10:23 PM

    HOLY CRAP! I can't just spell I cannot even read my own message.

  5. Richie - top notch review! I had some of this again the other night. Served it with ice. Initially I found it quite harsh and not to my liking. However, after the ice had melted, the flavour had changed completely and it was most enjoyable. I was still having trouble detecting the strawberry's tho. Great first post. Keep up the rehab!

  6. I feel the need to comment again on this. Last night I had another dram of this, and I added a small amount of water to the mix. I tell you what, it was grand. Opened up the whole whisky and took away the harshness completely. Brought about loads of flavour. Still not the elusive strawberry tho. Although I wouldn't rate it as a great whisky, it was very enjoybale, and I look forward to regular consumption.