Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nobody nose what it is like: The Macallan Inspiration

I have, for some time now, had in my whisky cabinet a bottle of Macallan 1851 Inspiration. As a general rule, I am a massive fan of Macallan. Those I have tried have always left me feeling like Federer does after he wins a 15th title, or even Tiger when he wins his own tournament or possibly even like Armstrong after he finishes a Tour de France. Elated, to say the least. Lets just say the anticipation in trying this was pretty high.

On those nose, this whisky rates up there with some of the greatest. Wonderful floral notes burst forth immediately, as if a bouquet of flowers has been shoved in your face. Lingering just behind is a syrupy sweetness, like the waft of sweetness you get from opening a packet of brown sugar. There is even a hint of desiccated coconut and a scent akin to walking into a Chinese medicine shop - for those that have done it. A wonderfully alluring aroma which lends itself to being broken down into distinct pieces.

Pouring this wonderfully smelling mix onto the palette, however, unleashes an oily, greasy texture. Like sucking on an oily rag. The whisky is hot and it tastes dirty – dirty like ‘let’s go on a dirty Contiki Tour, or let’s go on a dirty buck’s weekend to Amsterdam’. Afterward, you look back and think...ooh…not right.

There is also a smoky flavour, but not smoky as in Islay, smoky as in burnt rubber. If you went to a drag racing event and bottled the smoke from the tires, this would be it. It’s also bitter, and with a good whisky I like to hold it in my mouth to dissect the flavours. Not with this, it’s got to go down, and fast.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, there is no aftertaste. The flavour disappears as soon as it goes down. For me, I prefer the flavour to linger in some form, however, in this case it’s a blessing. The sooner this baby is gone, the better.

Thank goodness for the D.T.W.C, at least I can offload this onto the poor unsuspecting members. Or shouldn’t I have written that…doh!

I give this whisky two lightning bolts out of seven. One for the nose, and one because it’s a Macallan.

El Capitan,

P.S. - whisky sidekick was once again a contributor to this blog