Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Whisky Empire!

Gents, in the course of my ‘work’ I’ve discovered a website we should be looking to as inspiration for the Distant Thunder Whisky Club. In fact, it’s really three separate sites that are all pretty cool.

The first is called Malt Madness. It’s worth a look, it’s a private site run by one guy and deals with his personal whisky tastes. There is great Beginners Guide to whisky tasting*, Scotch Distillery Data, a Malt Almanac, a Liquid Blog full of great articles and a Deviant Drams section on non-Scotch Single Malt whiskies.

The second site is called Malt Maniacs, and it’s managed by the same guy, but accepts contributions from a team of other people. It has a list of over 10,000 whisky tastings conducted by members of the Maniacs team. Can you imagine how much fun they had compiling that! It makes our one meeting seem a bit sad really. To be fair, they first got together in 1997 so they have a few years on us, but I’m sure they can’t surpass us for quality**. There's also awards for yearly prizes and they maintain a list of every distillery in the world. They have an updated list of whisky events and plenty of other cool stuff like book reviews, an e-magazine (113 editions) that probably contains more stuff than our whole site.

The third site is called Whisky Fun and is a blog format that has heaps of other stuff for those inclined towards a whisky lifestyle. Music, comics and other stuff, there is plenty for you to look at here too.

These guys (and gals) are an inspiration and should be congratulated. They have heaps of useful info that any whisky aficionado will love. Their empire is vast, interesting and well worth checking regularly. I don’t hesitate in saying that in 12 years, we should be aiming for similar results. That’s gonna take some effort though, more blog postings, more meetings and more dedication from our members. So let’s get cracking. We do have one thing going for us though - we have a great logo thanks to Dave...and a great motto.

Long live the D.T.W.C!


* link to the Beginners Guide under our 'Whisky Links'
** the author can't provide any evidence to support this statement