Monday, August 10, 2009

A Never Ending Supply?

Unfortunately, over recent months I have reduced my stockpile of whisky to below acceptable levels (this is an often-unreported feature of fatherhood for those of you considering it). In an effort to combat this vexing problem, I went down to my local Dan Murphy's on Friday afternoon. Those of you who aren’t aware should know that DM’s is the Bunning’s of the bottle shop world. Each store has literally acres of booze to choose from, usually at quite cheap prices.

Whilst there, I purchased a Laphroaig 10yo which I opened last night (yummy, review to follow). While I was in the store though, the number of different whiskies available to purchase amazed me. So much so that I went back on Sunday to count them (Mrs Colonel was quick to tell me not to buy another bottle). In all, there were more than 80 different expressions of Scotch whisky in the store from over 25 different distilleries. This doesn’t include the Irish whiskies or bourbons, just the Scotch. I found that quite incredible.

Only last week the Secretary and I were discussing this matter. We both recall heading down to various DM’s several years ago and there seemed to be only a very small selection of quality Scotch. There has been a large expansion in the supply of good Scotch available and this is a good thing for us connoisseurs, we should take advantage of it. The Secretary points out that this expansion of whisky supply and demand in Australia was mentioned on the WhiskyCast he listened too about week ago (subscribe for free through iTunes here, see Episode 207) and is the reason events like Whisky Live are now being held here.

I will be the first to concede; about half of the whiskies at DM’s were varieties of cheaper blends, made to be mixed with coke and other drinks. We can discount them as suitable for consumption by D.T.W.C. members. Still, that makes roughly 40 single malts, or good quality blends available in one store for us to choose from.

Here are some highlights:
Obviously, I can’t vouch for all the whiskies I’ve listed above, but I am sure they are worth a try. Post if you have tasted any. Regardless, there will be no excuses for not bringing a good whisky to the next D.T.W.C. meeting.



  1. Any tastings on offer? Hope so - we could have an impromptu club meeting in store. BYO dinner jacket and pipe.

  2. Yes I have to agree the supply is exploding at DM. In relation though BWS and Woolworths Liquor the other Woolworths chain families have the most appalling supplies around (taking into account the buy power Woolworths has) so even out of desperation for a purchase they really are not even worth a look in.

    Liquor Land (Owned by Coles) = don't even bother to think about his as an option for Single Malts.

    As some have mentioned before Vintage Cellars (depending on where you are) can have some great selections but prices are always much higher than anywhere else in relation to the chains. We have a DM and a VC at Castle Towers directly across the road and they are literarily right next to each other. The spike in Single Malts at my local VC increased not long after DM but the fools still charge more for the same bottle (why stock it at all amazes me when it is ways cheaper next door).

    As a bit of humour for DM is that at our local has all the $29 bottles of Bourbon tag with alarms yet the $100 Single Malts on the same shelf can be free stolen without issue. Go Castle Hill!

  3. Oh yeah! Colonel-in-Chief be sure to register yourself with Laphroaig so you can get your square foot of land on Islay. That will then make 3 of us DTWC members as landowners.

  4. Will do Baron. FYI This is acutally my second aquisiton of Islay property. For details of the first, review this post -

    Soon, I'll have enough for citizenship, and then I'm goin home to the mother country!