Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Classic Dram: Glenfiddich 18yo

This tasting is of the Glenfiddich 18yo. No doubt, most club members have tasted this whisky after I foolishly brought it to the inaugural D.T.W.C meeting only to have vast quantities ‘evaporate’ before my eyes. Fortunately, that was a 1L bottle, so I still have enough remaining to write this review.

I’ll admit to being a bit nervous about writing this review, since there have been some unflattering comments made about Glenfiddich on this site in the past. Readers will know what I mean, and those guilty know who they are. I have defended the distillery before, and just so you know, I have an ace* in the hole. El Capitan himself has told me more than once that he considers the Glenfiddich 18 to be ‘one of the best value whiskies on the market.’ It retails in Australia for around the A$90 mark so I have to agree.

Personally, I think the 18 is a grand old dram. The nose is sweet and fruity with hints of vanilla. It has a very smooth finish and the taste lingers for an appropriate time. As is my usual preference, I think it is best served with some ice, which brings out new, complex flavours as it melts. This is a well-rounded whisky. Dare I call it the epitome of a classic Speyside malt.

My fondness for the peaty flavours of Islay is well known. When I drink other whiskies now, I notice the absence, and that is certainly the case with the 18yo. Despite that single misgiving, I would recommend this whisky to anybody.

I award the Glenfiddich 18yo 5 lightning bolts.


* the author acknowledges that this metaphor may be significantly overstated, and that perhaps the three of Clubs would make a better comparison. In this case however, literary need outweighed my usual fondness for empirical science.


  1. You brought an 18yo to the whiskey club... what can one expect? In saying that I I did break the back of Brads Glenmorangie 10yo but then I have something to make up for that in coming days. And I am sure Daves JW Black would have been consumed at an incredible rate if someone could get the lid off earlier without slipping around the bacon fat coating.

    Yes I was looking forward to the tasting to lift my spirits on the stag but alas found this to be no better. I did taste it very early in the evening so my senses were still operational. At this point even though know I was disappointed, I cannot recall the taste at all. Actually not memorable is probably a better choice of words than disappointed. Come another day.

    PS. I do still want to try the 21yo and have for a long time.

  2. PPS. Strangely no one touched my Glenfiddich 12yo I brought. That did not even drop a dram. That has to be saying something. Even Brads oily Macallan got a hit.