Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spank me gently my laddie Bruce: The Glenlivet 12yo

The Glenlivet 12yo is without question one of my favourites. A Speyside single malt this is what I call 'my daily' (for obvious reasons) and what many say is The Classic Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The Glenlivet stables always perform and start at the classic 12yo, 15yo, 16yo Nadurra Cask Strength (yet to try), 18yo, 21yo (willing and ready), 25yo (did someone say MILF?).

On the nose light and fragrant with obvious fruity undertones of honey and oak. There is just so much play on the nose anyone would think one was being tickled with a feather. DOWN BOY!

The taste reminds me a lot of another favourite, the Glenmorangie Original, but not quite as blooming. The Glenlivet 12yo is more blossoming. Smooth cream, toffee, biscuit and light oak. As Andrew The Quiet clearly pointed out (though in reference to the Glenmorangie Original at the inaugural D.T.W.C. meet) 'ANZAC biscuits' and quite rightly too. I cannot say what it is like with water added (I do not like to cut such a thing), so I will wait in expectation for Dave The Alchemist to 'enhance' or 'kill'. No booty on this girl but she is certainly fit.

The finish is long, soft and desired with no need to rush back to drain the glass. Half a dram is a dram enough.

An all rounder all day all night The Glenlivet is a enthusiastic, nay a flexible single malt. No need try before you buy as you will always be guaranteed satisfaction. Keep in the stores and keep it in ample supply. 6 out of 7 on the dram-o-scale.

Pricing is always favorable at a mere A$39 on a lucky day and no greater than A$48 on any other. Like a Thia massage, you are always guaranteed a happy ending.

The Baron of Muffryda