Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tribute to Whisky Live '09

Members, I have taken the D.T.W.C. Sydney Whisky Live 2009 gallery down for now. I will email members with a link they can use to access the photos.



  1. Nice one lads! Glad I made no promises to be there and then renege unlike others.

    Interesting how the photos got extremely blurry there for a while.

    El Capitan I think you need to elaborate more on the event itself and the misgivings had. I know there is a lot and judging by our rankings in Google I think the Whiskey Live Chaps may just be watching this blog and what 'you' the 'dirty one' has to say.

  2. These are the best of my photo's too. There are plenty of others more blurry.

    It's all due to the night mode on the digital camera... honestly!!

    My real feelings on the tasting matter were better expressed in my previous post. Much more placid.

  3. Hi Guys

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