Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dram that phone!

The following transcript is a factual SMS account of the Secretary's long night in Brisbane, a far cry from Sydney Cove and the inaugural Whisky Live Exposition. It serves as a historical reminder for those members who gave their drams to support such a mementos event, and to remind them of the textual bombardment I suffered between their drams of single malt sweetness. I commit these comments to the pages of D.T.W.C. HTML history:

Colonel @ 6.09pm: Eldradour 11yo Port Wine finish
Secretary replied: Dog!
Colonel @ 6.09pm: Suntory 12yo
Secretary replied: Bigger dog!
Colonel @ 6.11pm: Glenfarclas 15yo
Secretary replied: had a Glenfarclas 15yo I think. Your still a dog!
[note to self, he's had 3 whiskies in 2 mins]
Colonel @ 6.18pm: Now on the 25yo
Secretary replied: Oh, right, enjoy that then.
[note to self, now he's had 4 whiskies in 9 mins]
El Capitan @ 6.19pm: [first photo arrives, shows a group shot of D.T.W.C. members]
Secretary replied: Even Ritchie is there! Man, looks good. Arh!

Dog @ 6.27pm: Dog, you shoulda been here. This is the best.
Secretary replied: Dog! Don't dog me you dog. I KNOW I SHOULD BE THERE! Are you drinking whisky?
El Capitan @ 6.27pm: [second photo arrives, more of the same]
Ritchie (The Converted) @ 6.29pm: I hope the 60th breakfast was worth missing this. Even I've had 3 whiskies!
Secretary replied: So the thousand texts prior told me!
The Alchemist @ 6.57pm: The cash is passed over!!!
[third photo arrives of Capitan handing over cash for a bottle of Argbeg]
Secretary replied: Wow! You didn't have to get me that?

El Capitan @ 7.09pm: Where are you? This is gold!
Secretary replied: In what feels like a galaxy far, far away...
The Converted @ 7.14pm: Have you sneaked in? There is a guy here that looks just like you. It might be the 5th glass talking...
Secretary replied: Trust me, I haven't slipped in, far from. Forever more your name shall be Ritchie 'The Converted.'
Dog @ 7.23pm: Dog, there's a guy here who looks exactly like you.
El Capitan @ 7.24pm: We are pissed and this is the view!
[fourth photo features Sydney Cove and the Opera House bathed in light]
Secretary replied: I am going to get a beer and I am leaving my phone at the hotel. REMEMBER THE TRIBUTE.
The Alchemist @ 7.31pm: Such a dog. Free whisky!
[fifth photo features Dog pouring himself what I can only assume is a free whisky]
Secretary replied: DAVE, USE THE TRIBUTE.
El Capitan @ 7.51pm: Oh my god! I just made a tribute to you!
Secretary replied: Didn't have to be me, but I am truly honoured.
El Capitan @ 8.11pm: Oh my god!
[note to self, huh???]
The Alchemist @ 8.12pm: Aaarrrgghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
[note to self, the end is surely nigh]
Colonel @ 8:12pm: Just bought my third bottle
Secretary replied: You are killing me here! Not even a XXXX can save me.
Colonel @ 8:16pm: XXXX is piss.
[note to self, he's right]

- end transcript -