Saturday, October 17, 2009

Meeting von Two

[host whisky number 2, Yamazaki Single Malt 12yo]

For the sake of prosperity I am recording the below information pertaining to the second meeting of The Distant Thunder Whisky Club. I am sure all members present would like to thank the Baron for his western style hospitality, and we are already looking forward to the Colonel's secret herbs and spices at meeting 3 in January '10.

The Date: Saturday, 10th Ocotober 2009

The Host:
Baron von-Mostess

The Venue:
Dram-o-lot Castle

The Host Whisky:
The Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky (12yo)

Other Table Whiskies:

The Food: hors d'oeuvres included homemade pizza, homemade orange infused ricotta, meatballs on-a-stick and french-onion dip (could have been more, hard to tell from the spa). The main was lamb and vegetable shish-kebab with homous, pita bread and couscous. It would appear the meat-wrapped-in-bread continues to be a dinner theme after two meetings.

The Cigars: made an appearance thanks to the Colonel. Whilst it brought much applause on the night, with a select few able to smoke and sample the surprise Ardbeg 10yo, I'm not sure there was as much applause the next morning with all that smoke...and peat...and smoke, etc.

Meeting Precedent: Spa's now required at every meeting. If not available, then some form of meat-on-a-stick (extra drams for creativity here).

Meeting Finances:
  • Balance brought forward: +$107
  • Membership dues: +$160 (x8)
  • Outlays: -$85 (Yamazaki 12yo)
  • Carry over: $182
Meeting Apologies: Dog 'the Dog' Dog and Justin 'The Distant'



  1. Gents,
    Ive been remiss in not sending an email about the next club night. Blame the whisky and cigars. As the Secretary General notes above, the meeting will be held at my place on Sat 9th of January 2010. I cant wait.

    Details will follow closer to the date.

  2. A review will be noted soon on the Suntory Yamazaki. I want to let the last dram lay low for another week before returning with a clear pallet not tainted by cigar smoke.

    PS: I am only guessing at this stage but with the hounds sniffing around the empty bottle of Ardbeg 10yo I can only dram that peat is making a monstrous appearance at the next club meet. Yes I can see it now Giant Robots vs Godzilla.

  3. PPS: DOG you DDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Not only were you out the door but you were out of the country. That truly is the dog of all dogs.

  4. PPPS: How come the Gentleman Jack did not get listed in the Whiskeys? For a whiskey so highly frowned on at the start of the night a clear 1/2 of the bottle was gone by the end... can't blame Dog because he was dog gone out of the country!