Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glenlovit: The Glenlivet 18yo

It is a sad day as I insert the stopper back into this now empty bottle of Glenlivet 18yo. Much joy has been derived from this bottle. An unusually large amount as fate would have it. It's probably best if I tell my story from the beginning.

It was Christmas last year and a lovely gift from one Baron von Benevolent. I unwrapped a brightly covered box and welcome a new addition to the family. A bottle of Glenlivet 18yo smiles gently back at me. I know it's happy to be here by its colour. The bright golden yellow colour reminds me of sunflowers or even a day at the beach. Manly, of course.

I uncork the bottle and am met by a strong sweetness. The toffee and caramel is at the forefront and there is also a sweetness of fairy floss. Striking floral notes also linger behind. The bees and butterflies are on their way.

I bring the glass to my lips to taste. A warm glow fills me. An initial pepperiness is followed by cinnamon and malt biscuits. I find the whisky silky as my mouth is coated from top to bottom. There appears no connection between the smell and the taste. There is also no hint of smoke or peat.

The aftertaste is not strong, but does linger. One of the few whiskies which draws me back immediately for another sip. I should slow down, but I don't.

It's been like this, this past year. So much joy and happiness. We were a happy family.

The final dram now sits shyly in front of me. 'No!' it pleads, 'I don't want to leave you.'

You know the rest.

I award the Glenlivet 18yo, 7 out of a possible 7 lightning bolts. Yes, someone had to do it.

El Capitan