Friday, December 4, 2009

Hear ye hear ye al ye wee drammers!

Well it is 6 days into Dramcember and I think it fitting that we of ye olde D.T.W.C. partake in a little adventure and commitment to our cause.

This year we have seen some excellent banter across the site but on tally, only 30% of the D.T.W.C. has actually reviewed a whisky and posted for all to heckle.

As part of Dramcember it is ones duty to do one of two things. Achieve both and receive godly flavours for your effort (note: NOT flavours for sailors like El Capitan in the recent past).

Duty 1: To Review a whiskey of choice, with photo (note: not El Capitan doing flavours for sailors) and post to the site.

Duty 2: To make an effort as part of Dramcember to try at least 1 whisky you have never tried before and notify fellow members what that was (note: El Capitan getting a sailor to drink a whisky prior to your flavours is not classed as trying a whisky).

In the words handed down many a century rubbed black with the Woolery Tartan:

Dramcember Dramcember
It is a time to remember!

Dramcember Dramcember
Let's dram one together!

Dramcember Dramcember
Not a choice but a duty!

Dramcember Dramcember
Distant thunder and booty!

Baron von Woolery