Monday, December 21, 2009

Meeting Three

Comrades, with this short post I would like to remind you of the upcoming third meeting of the Distant Thunder Whisky Club, to be held at my house on the 9th of January. You will no doubt recall that the date for the meeting was arranged at the very entertaining second meeting held at the Baron’s castle.

This has been a highly successful year for the club, and I would like to begin next year with a great platform for future events. As such, I encourage maximum attendance. In this spirit, I will be inviting two guests who I will propose as future members of the Club, pending the approval of the wider membership group.

As I reflect back on the past year, I cannot but help to think about the great things we have achieved. The triumphs and the tragedies. I would like to thank the hosts of our first two Club nights (both here and here), as without their support the D.T.W.C. would not have been such a success. We should also thank those who have contributed to the blog. You’ll note that based upon these criteria, the Baron is by far the most active supporter of the club, and I think that we should recognise this by voting him Thunderer of the Year. An annual award I am going to propose at the upcoming meeting.

The Agenda for the evening will be roughly similar to previous events (arrive → booze → dinner → booze → booze → depart). However, you will all be pleased to hear that I have obtained a gavel*, so that we can encourage some formalities at the meeting (such as the passing of motions [non-bowel], the acceptance of the previous minutes and more generally, the banging of hammers when we are drunk). I am sorry to report that my home is somewhat smaller than the Baron’s, and consequently, I do not have a spa** nor some of the wide open spaces to which he was able to provide, but I will do my best. One positive I am able to report though is that due to the success of previous meetings, we are quite financial at the moment, and I intend to purchase very high quality whisky for this meeting (if you have any suggestions, please let me know via the comments section below).

Please remind the members of the M.T.W.C. of the upcoming event. Mrs Colonel has planned a fun filled evening for them to attend (though not as good as ours).

* note: gavel may actually be a children’s toy stolen from my one-year-old son
** rather fortunately, this means there will be no ‘man-soup’ as there was at the last meeting


  1. Thunderer of the Year - that could be taken several ways!

  2. I second the motion to purchase a very high quality whisky for the evening. Of course, I would prefer some high quality peat, however in the interests of some others it may be best to avoid Islay this one time.

  3. In peatparation of the coming event I thirdsy a motion for the Peat this time round. Of course based on the hounds sniffing around the empty bottle of Ardbeg last meet I think to not peat would be a travesty. I have been fashioning some Peat Pants to compliment my Peat Merkin I will be sporting on the night in celebration. El Capitan with be peated-off I am sure if for peats sake peat is not making a re-peated performance. "To Peat or Not To Peat" was in fact Shakespear's quote.

    As a matter of interest though no sources that I have referenced Shakespears real name was Shakespeat 'The Peat Shaker' until an unfortunate peat cutting incident he was forced to change professions.

    A Peatshaker - To shake the the peat of all not peaty elements. A lost profession performed during or immediately after peat cutting or during the festival of Peats Of Strength.

    Peats of Strength - A tradition handed down and bestowed to the DTWC from the Woolery Tartan. Peats of Strength begins on the 9th of Dramcember until the 9th of Dramuary. Contestants pitt their strength to lift, eat, swallow, stomp, roll, toss (and raunch) various weights and flavours of Peat as well as look to revive such traditions as Peat Cutting and Peatshaking.

    Dramcember - It's not a choice but a duty!

  4. Gents, I'm gonna purchase the whisky for meeting three in the next 48 hours. At the moment there is popular support for peat. I'm leaning towards this myself. Let me know your last minute thoughts.


  5. Your the host so it is your choice oh Eater of the Peat.

  6. We all know that meeting thrice will include message is simply to remind those still owing from last meeting...double-fee.

  7. Lads,
    Please remember to bring your whisky tasting glasses tomorrow night. I have enough tumblers for everybody.