Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Don't come a knock'n: Bruichladdich Rocks

Well I have been busy demolishing yet another Bruichladdich until something more exciting entered the cellars. Nonetheless, I promised last month to post about this sucker...so I am and by the end of this would have done so.

Bruchladdich Rocks, a non-peated Islay single malt, alcoholic volume of 46%.

The name is noted to be inspired from the rocks which filter the water near the distillery.

Overall opinion: vanilla cake with sugar baked to a caramel crusting. I would like to say sticky date pudding, but that is too far. Another relationship would be freshly baked banana bread. Without a doubt this is what it is. No, don't take that too literally, as with all these metaphors. It's just what my taste buds tell me and make me think of.

To nose: the caramel is strong but not overpowering. Fresh sea air with that salty overtone.

To taste: crisp and sharp. Alcohol is a wee bit strong for me but cleansing at the same time. Slightly wooded but again not strong. Leaves a tingle on the lips.

To finish: short and spicy.

If you were to be entering the world of single malts and not wanting to go down the track of the "oh well you really need to try Glenfiddich for a base single malt," then I think the Rocks is a simple clean slate. Enjoyable, vaguely interesting, forgettable, but not leaving you with the, "I just drank from the dog bowl, god why did I do it" reaction.

4 out of 7 if I was to give a dram.

No booty scale.

Things of note:
  • The flavours changes dramatically when tasted after a meal. Can become extremely soft and palatable. The first time it happened I had to check I had poured from the right bottle.
  • You would not find any relationship between this taste and the peated Bruichladdich's. It is actually an enjoyable experience to not just be drinking variations of a single flavour like so many other single malt families.
Das Baron,