Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meeting Three

Comrades, on Saturday evening I hosted the third meeting of the Distant Thunder Whisky Club at my home. Unfortunately, the full membership was unable to attend due to illness and other commitments. Despite this, the evening was a success. I would thank those who were able to attend, and their spouses, who as always provided great support to the meeting (driving us back and forth, and absconding in the middle bit). Without them, club meetings wouldn’t be half as fun and we should all spare a thought for those who have to drive home whisky sodden life partners (I myself attempted to thank Mrs Colonel that night after getting to bed, but she wasn’t interested).

The ‘Club Whisky’ for the evening was the very enjoyable Glenfarclas 25yo, Single Highland Malt Whisky. I purchased the bottle from my local Dan Murhpy's after an extensive national search during my recent holidays. I remembered that many of the club members (including me) had tasted and enjoyed the 25yo at last years Whisky Live and that was the decisive factor in my decision-making. The bottle cost $169, which to me seems quite reasonable for a quarter century in the cask. Certainly it compared favourably with other bottles in that age group. I had hoped to be able to afford a 30yo, but my experience was that I couldn’t get a bottle for less than $400. Perhaps next Christmas we could afford it?

Of note, Dan Murphy’s has quite a large selection of Glanfarclas whisky’s including an 8, 10, 12, 15, 21 and 30yo bottles in addition to the 25yo. Whilst this might seem a lot, the distillery website lists several more including two different 40yo’s and a 50yo bottle.

I intend to do a separate post on the Glenfarclas later in the week, but beware, Ill have to do it from memory. The bottle was dispatched within the first hour, a testament to how agreeable the contents were. I have some hazy memories of my impressions, and I made a few notes after the meeting finished. I defiantly recall some debate about the degree of peaty-ness in the whisky, and some discussion from the Secretary about citrus flavours. My abiding recollection though is of a very smooth dram. If anybody has some thoughts which may assist me, please forward them through, I would be much obliged.

The night was also positive for the inclusion of a new member to the club – The Unclean. His very presence was enough to lower the standard of conversation and etiquette to the gutter. The number of lewd jokes skyrocketed. Double-entendre’s that would have been let through to the keeper at previous meetings were ruthlessly dispatched to the boundary and the offender duly humiliated.

Another first for the evening was the change in status of two inaugural members of the club. Both the Dog and The Converted were noted to be consuming more whisky than usual. It would seem that they have finally succumbed to the mysterious allure of the water of life. I am sure that this will be good for them in the long term; improving both quality and length of life (however in the immortal words of the Secretary, the D.T.W.C. yield curve is falling and we may need to replace them with other non-drinkers).

The next meeting is to be held in April at the home of the Grey Bush. No doubt members are all looking forward to it, and especially the ‘crystal tour’ that was promised during the evening.