Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whisky of Choice: Ardbeg 10yo

It is a well proven fact that every whisky connoisseur has a dram that for them embodies everything they cherish and hold dear about whisky. A whisky that, when someone says 'let's have a whisky', is the first one that comes to mind. For me, the Arbeg 10yo is that whisky.

Nose: Typical Islay seaweed and iodine fills the nostrils. Also cut grass, hay and even the faint aroma of brackish water. Sea-side air is definitely present for me, and I see myself relaxing on Islay itself.

Taste: Time stops. An initial single momentary sweetness lingers for a split second, to be followed immediately by a rush of heavy ash. To say it was peppery would be an understatement. The spiciness burns on the tongue - a most pleasant experience.

Finish: Long and refreshing. The smoldering embers slowly die leaving a warm, jolly sensation. Sit back and relax, you won’t need another sip for a while.

Easily my favourite of all whiskies right now and thanks must go to the D.T.W.C. for supplying me with my current bottle as a wedding present.

I rate the Arbeg 10yo at 6.5 out of 7 lighting bolts.

What do other whisky aficionados out there class as their whisky?

El Capitan

PS: the Whisky Sidekick was also enjoying a sip with me, whilst eating grapes. It was noted that the bitterness of the whisky wasn't present and was overpowered by the sweetness of the grapes. She enjoyed it much better.


  1. That's asking me to pick a favourite child.

    Push come to shove it would have to be my new favourite whisky, the Talisker 18. Granted I may still be in that golden honeymoon period and although unproven with a second bottle purchasing, I am going to go brave and make the bold assertion that this is my favourite whisky.

    But, an Ardbeg would have to be up there without a doubt. Certainly has got a bit of peat mongrel in it.

  2. My whiskey(s) depending on what I feel like are Glemorangie Quinta Ruban for sweetness, Glenlivet 12yo for an all rounder, Talisker 12yo for the Salt, Laphroaig Cask Strength for the Booty (Peat).

  3. Hmm...like The Alchemist said, picking one is a tall order. That's assuming super premium bottlings are not to be included. Then it would be easy. Laphroaig 30 year.

    As for more readily available whiskies, Lagavulin 16 is the closest thing I have to what you're describing with Ardbeg 10 (time stopping; sitting back and relaxing).

    Occasionally, the Laga will be a little heavy/rich for my mood. Highland Park 18, with its balance, would cover me in just about every other situation.