Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Bugger it I meant to add these the other day.

The 23rd of March 2010 celebrates the D.T.W.C's first birthday blog post! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! For members wanting to reminisce check out our first blog post, A Reason for Being posted by The Secretary. I think a special thanks also goes out to The Secretary for the initial setup of the D.T.W.C blog site.

Also another birthday shout out to the D.T.W.C's first 'official' meeting (not counting the 100+ unofficial prior) on the 16th May. Check out El Capitan like a kid in a candy store hosting the first meeting and our first encounter with a whisky buffet. Never since have we seen so many full bottles of quality whisky in one location. Hats off to The Alchemist for brining the grease stricken, almost impossible to grip the lid, bottle of JW Black. Note it has also never made another appearance on the table.

Dram on lads!

Uber Baron

P.S. I did not have a picture of a cake so here is a picture of a broccoli.