Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WhiskyCast at it again!

For those of you not subscribing to WhiskyCast be sure to get on board this week as Mark Gillespie is podcasting direct from Islay and it looks like a daily event.

Yesterdays cast (Episode 254: May 22, 2010) came direct from Lagavulin with some insightful information about the distillery and it's history.

I am just about to get listening to today's episode (Episode 255: May 23, 2010) from Bruichladdich (you all know how much I love the Octomore by Bruichladdich), and wow here comes another episode as I type and it looks like it is coming form Caol Ila. Guess I am a day behind already.

Get on board lads as I think everything we need to know about Islay is about to come true.

Keep 'em coming Mr Gillespie!

The Baron