Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whisky Night #5: The Conversion

Saturday night saw the fifth meeting of the members D.T.W.C. hosted by The Converted. In attendance were El Capitan, The Colonel, The Baron, Grey Bush and The Unclean.

The Converted bought his first ever bottle of whisky for the event. Turning his back on Scottish roots he purchased a bottle of Tassie Single Cask Port Maturated Whisky from Sullivans Cove. An inspired choice that will be fully reviewed on the D.T.W.C. blog in the near future.

The evening also saw The Secretary join us via video link up for our first inter-state meeting.

The Converted showed his inexperience by cooking a spicy Moroccan lamb dish for the evening, affecting everyone's palates before the tasting. A fact subtly pointed out by Grey Bush!

Other whiskys sampled during the evening:
Club Accounts:
  • Balance brought forward = $161
  • Membership fees collected = $120
  • Whisky purchased = ($160)
  • Club reserves = $121
The Converted,