Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Jura Cast

In the not so distant past (May 2010) the Feis Ile Festival of Music and Malt had occurred on Islay & Jura. Of course not being able to make it to the festival (though I still nominate 2012 as the year the club meets on Islay at the festival) I have listened intently to many a webcast and blog posts to glean as much info on the event itself and the distilleries involved.

Recently (being this morning) I received an email from the Jura distilleries website with a small webcast of Juras involvement in the event and the open door policy they have to even participants. Jura of course is the small sister island (if you will) to Islay and has only but one distillery on it called the same name. Recently I have had the privilege of a regular dram or four of Jura Superstition over at the Grey Bush's, so of course this little website cask is of keen interest to myself.

I really enjoy webcasts of the distilleries as it gives an insight into things far out of our reach here in Australia. Not only that but when I come across a webcast that feels honest and welcoming I am all for recommending it to others. No hype, no big claims, and no bull, yet really well presented (check it out here).

Other things of note is that Jura is not known for peating their whiskies though it is a common belief, due to their proximity to Islay, that they do. Jura Superstition is the only expression I have had the privilege to sampling at this stage and it is their version of an ever so lightly peated whisky. I find the taste more smoked than peated with flavours or toffee and slightly burnt brandy snap biscuits. I would relate it's resemblance to the Highland Park style but with much more depth. There is a heavily peated Jura called Prophecy but I am yet to sample and yet to even find it in the shops here in Australia.

The Baron