Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Calling all beans and franks...

With only a few months until Christmas and the traditional Peats of Strength I think it is time we get something sorted on the progress of the next event. All hands up for whom is willing to host and when. There was talk by The Unclean prior to going catatonic at the last event to be the next host. The Alchemist also made mention of a potential combined event.

Limber up lads, don't be a wiener and lets get this sorted. I am always willing to host again if there are no takers though it would be good to cycle through the whole crowd before I bring the thunder again (and the hot tub). Members that still owe for previous occasions we know who you are.

Baron von Organised


  1. For obvious reasons I exclude myself from current whisky murmurs re: upcoming meetings. That is until we go 'north of the border' re: Mexican style! As for the wiener, "I've been in here ten years, and I ain't done nothin..."

  2. Ok Lads it is all quiet on the western front at the moment with no one vouching for a pre-christmas tasting. So in light of this I will be forthright in nominating myself for organisation of the next event in the next 5 weeks. Though some members are now out of state if anyone is going to be in Sydney during November or very early Dec please let me know and I will try to organise around those times.

    May I even suggest for those members that cannot hold an event at their premise but would like to choose a whiskey for tasting then please let me know and you may be the host/selector of honour while I am happy to provide the venue and glasses and spa/man soup.

    With multiple parents now in the fold we can of course allow for this one event to be a joint DTWC and MTWC.

  3. I'm away in November, but keen for a meet up in early December if other esteemed members can make it along. Heck, I'll even be prepared to trek north of the border...