Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fathers Day, Bringeth the Loveth!

For those of us lucky enough in the club to have kids (some say unlucky enough), it does bring the added advantage of Fathers day...and gifts in tow.

For me it was an excellent bottle of Glenmorangie Original, and even better, a new set of beer fermenter barrels from The Country Brewer.

Buying and trying a lot of whisky's over the last year has seen me hit a lot of rough patches and it is great to know I now have a trust-and-loved whisky (Glenmorangie Original) now in the stocks.

It has also been a while (15 years) since I last took hold of a new fermenter barrel and it is high time I pushed my influence on the kids (wife) to get a couple of new ones. Having a lot of unsuccessful batches over the last few years it is clear bacteria is getting into the barrel just through excessive use. I have to also say the Colonel's recent talk about his beer brewing adventures has gotten me back into the mood now with summer on it's way. Bring it!

Fathers of the club was the loveth brought?

Baron von Brewmaster


  1. Actually I forgot to mention for the home brew about to be brewed in the new barrels will be a wet pack mash mix that requires cooking, added hops and additional grains prior to fermentation. It's about the closest I am going to get to making whisky but that is good enough for me. Exciting times.

  2. Fathers Day is a great day I'll admit. I was lucky enough to get a bottle of Laphroaig 10yo. One of my favourites.

    Glad to hear you've gone back to brewing beer (or undistilled whisky as I like to call it). I have just bottled an Irish Ale, and I've got a European style larger in one of my fermenter's. I'll be keen to swap a few beers when your ready.

    Perhaps we could start a DTWCHBC????

  3. Getting through this Glenmorangie Original and it is absolutely delicious. I have been trying tofinish my Glenrothes Select Reserve as fast as possible and was not enjoying it so I had to break open this bottle a few days ago. Silky love.

    Beer (undistilled whisky) is also brewing along quite well. Slow and steady. Maybe another week or 2 in the barrels yet. Every night I go down and just give the barrel a little spank.

  4. Dude,
    I'm happy that I have revived your love of brewing beer. But just remember that this is a family friendly website. I don't think we need to be using euphemisms like "Every night I go down and just give the barrels a little spank". Any discussion along those lines should probably be saved for our regular gatherings where ‘the unclean’ can monitor standards.