Monday, October 25, 2010

C'est la vie - A Gentleman's Repose

Talking whisky, talking science fiction, talking turkey fever...this was the weekend past. A nice finish to a rainy Saturday afternoon with a planned visit by 2 club members El Capitan and Dog to Casa De Woolery that turned into an impromptu whisky session extravaganza. Nice! Not sure where The Colonel was (again) but he really needs to visit this neck of the woods more often (there is a a reason why it is called Castle Hill).

As you will see by the photo, Dog provided some astonishing samples to drink, being a Hibiki 17yo blend (outstanding quality & quantity; historically one of my favourites) and a never before seen Macallan Select Oak Green Label (also of sweet syrupy complexity). Needless to say I hit the Hibiki pretty hard feeling guilty having to ask permission before pouring a 4th dram. El Capitan helped himself to a couple of neat Macallans and I dare say wishing he did not need to return to baby duties that evening or he would have had a few more. Dog being the provider and designated driver was left to exercise some extreme control over the situation, though it needs to be said that two-thirds of a duty free bottle was already gone, so we know which he preferred. Also on show was a superb Glenlivet gentleman's shoulder bag of what appeared to be patented imitation cannot hold anything against it, as it really looked like a superb accessory to any whisky connoisseur (i.e. wish I had one)!

For many hours discussions centered around sci-fi of all kinds from novels to movies to adaptions and anime. Playing of course in the background was Blade Runner (The Final Cut) in glorious High Definition with what I am sure was a terribly annoying cut comparison between Dog and myself lost on El Capitan having not seen all versions. Laughs and snipes at Star Wars Episode One reminded me it was time to dust off the Star Wars collection and drag Dog through a bit of mid 70's to mid 80's childhood archive of Star Wars memorabilia still in plastic wraps and packets. Hey it was the whisky that made me do it.

The whole experience was so leisurely one needs not even delve into a comment or score on either of the whisky's, a part from the fact you know they were good and you know we had a good time - c'est la vie.

The Baron