Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Johnnie Walker, Keep Walking Series

In a response to the Colonel's recent post on Johnnie Walker - the Man Who Walked Around The World (a most excellent movie), I spied today on Facebook a JW advert promoting the Johnnie Walker - Keep Walking series of celebrity promotions.

You can't argue JW spends way too much money on it's marketing and has made an extremely good website full of information and content to keep one busy for a good hour. As to these celebrity series of short movies, again very well produced and worth a watch yet I can't help but cringe at the dung being shoveled on the fire and really question the reasoning behind them? Entertainment yes, word of mouth...of course, respect...maybe, but will it make me want to drink it? No. Simply me talking about it is enough to justify it's existence and hence a successful campaign.

Their campaigns are country based and focus on celebrities relative to your country of origin. For the Australian audience we get a view of Steve Waugh through to Greg Norman and many in between.

If you want to easily see some of the others, best to shoot across to their Facebook page.

In the end, a filtered view of an individuals life smartly dressed to imply a whisky has inspired them to succeed is a little over the top. Maybe that is not the intention, but having worked in the marketing industry for a sum of 17 years + I can't help but feel manipulated.

Check them out and make up your own mind. It cannot be argued that it is most impressive and certainly proves there is a good deal of money in the whisky industry, especially to support an Australian promotion like this.

The Baron