Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Turkey Slap: Wild Turkey

What can I say? Wild Turkey is standard and staple, a full flavored, full bodied Kentucky Straight Bourbon distinctive in character and taste.

To nose: its a real hit to the senses. Lots of dry wood, corn and fresh cereals. If you have ever smelt cereal cooking you will know just what I mean.

To taste: the vanillas and caramels are predominate with a backing of dry straw to offset the bitter sweet heat that plays around the mouth. The oak carmel char is certainly present as is the slight thick and dare I say dense bootylicious body.

The finish: is long, however the heat in the chest moves on quickly, just leaving your taste buds active. Bourbons can be hot as is expected but unlike the 101 expression the standard 86.8 proof is much more subdued.

A well balanced bourbon in my books, ready to give you a hot flush on each sip. For me bourbons give me a real sense of warm, like humid nights that just don't end.

Promoted to be drunk on the rocks or mixed with cola, I encourage exploring this bourbon neat as there is a lot to be appreciated. Dare to be different, dare to be turkey slapped!

For a rating out of 7, I slap a 4. I just don't find bourbons as challenging as Scotch yet enjoy them all the same.

Personally I like the Wild Turkey 101 expression for a real hit over this mainstream release. Great to cook with and even better to drink.

As a note try taking a sip of any bourbon and keep it in the front of the mouth under the tongue for a few seconds. Don't let it flow to the rest of the mouth and breath in and out a few times. You really pick up all the highlights without the bitterness. Unfortunately this technique leaves you with a really strong aftershock but hey it is not exactly a scientific approach.
The Baron