Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Dramcember Again

Well Lads and Lasses it is that time of year again, yes you guessed it Dramcember, where we have our honorary commitments to expanding our whisky repertoire. So in the words handed down many a century rubbed black with the Woolery Tartan I ask you to read an repeat:

Remember Remember
The 9th of Dramcember! 

Dramcember Dramcember
It is a time to remember! 

Dramcember Dramcember
Let's dram one together!

Dramcember Dramcember
Not a choice but a duty!

Dramcember Dramcember
Distant thunder and booty!

For those of you outside our little whisky club Dramcember starts on the 9th of Dramcember and goes for a full month until the 9th of Dramuary. In this time there is a commitment to consume at least 1 whisky you have never had before. Not only that but it is also a time to relay the knowledge of what you have gained by that dram to other whisky connoisseurs. This whisky can be a bottle opened in that month at home, at a fellow drammers abode, or could be as simple as a single glass of whisky consumed in that month at a local bar. The dram can be any whisky from any continent as long as it is officially classed as whisky. Anyone can be involved, just post to a blog or your facebook.

The exact rules of the duty are laid down in peat as follows:

Duty 1: To make an effort as part of Dramcember to try at least 1 whisky you have never tried before and notify fellow drammers what that was.

Duty 2: To document that whisky of choice, with photo and post it to a whisky blog site taking part in Dramcember.

So again calling all wee drammers to take up your duties with gusto and commitment because here comes Dramcember!(again)

PS: Remember what the Ardbeg Mariachi always says "Don't Dram and Drive!".

The Baron