Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh What A Dram: An end to 2010

We are now closing in on the last day of the year. This being the last post of the year how about a quick recap on what has happened.

Though officially the go live of the Distant Thunder Whisky Club (D.T.W.C) blog site is not quite 2 years old it is actually our 2nd end of year cycle. Not a bad effort for a small group of attractive well-to-do dapper whisky players.

The middle of the year saw one of our members, The Secretary, move North Of The Border (Brisbane). Though his membership will never lapse we hope to see him in attendance for some if not many of the coming years club meets. With the move of The Secretary (catch up on his antics at Fodder Fan Boy)  also saw the blog management be shared now with The Baron as new job, new home, and new father-to-be has been left The Secretary with limited time to mange it all.

While mentioning fathers-to-be the year also brought 3 new borns  / potential drammers into the fold. Oh how we will teach you the ways of the dram. Remember Fathers Day lads and lasses. The Married to The Whisky Club (M.T.W.C) wives and partners have been commenting about the baby boom over the last 2 years... must be something in the water.

Activity on the blog has been good with many members stepping in to leave a tasting notes and stories. 52 post in total which is not a bad effort topping last years at 49 posts.

We saw some 'celebrity comments' on our blogs by Mark Gillespie at Whisky Cast and Willie Tait from Jura. Thanks for the look in guys it is always good to know your out there and that there is only so many hours in a day to read fellow drammers blogs such as ours.

This year also saw 4 official club meetings with one in each quarter which was also a great spread through the year, several unofficial, and 1 minor Distant Thunder Bourbon Club (D.T.B.C). Our specific tastings for the official events were:
New membership as you know is very limited and entry to the club is a like to shake Sinatra's hand. Only one new membership was seen this year, that being The Unclean (enough said about the name, every a gentleman's club has one).

The 28th of August 2010 saw our Whisky Live Sydney pilgrimage occur and we were harsh in comment from the onset (and may I say duly required). Most members in attendance had quite open opinions about how the event was hosted with 2 members willing to commit to the blog in details. The Baron gave both and pre-event and post-event commentary while the Colonel-In-Chief had his notable words to say. If your thinking of going in 2011 it is worth taking a look at both of these. On conclusion of the event direct complaints were made through the so called 'feedback' email by Whisky Live Sydney sent to all registered ticket holders (never heard back about that) and also some direct complaints to Whisky Live itself (funny but those emails also saw no response).

Lastly saw the annual closing of the year with Dramcember. Not only were club members active but also we saw a Whisky Cast get involved on Episode 293 and saw several fellow drammers from around the world posting there Dramcember commitment to the Whisky Cast facebook page. Nice. Hopefully next year we will see the movement go even further.

To fellow members I hope you have found the year as fruitful in dramming as myself and I wish to see you all at the next meeting in the coming new year. Also a thanks to all followers and occasional web tourists to our club site and hope you have found something useful in what we had to say. As unprofessional as we may be in our notes we make up for in shear effort and gusto.

Keep on dramming in 2011.

The Baron