Friday, December 17, 2010

Whisky Night #6: Another Year in Retrospect

Well another year has now come and gone again and so has another Whisky Night.

Evening #6 saw a return to Casa de Woolery where we 'hatted up', shared some good tales, a fine darts comp, too much food and of course the obligatory whiskey tasting. Though our membership was small in attendance the numbers were great with wives and partners of members attending as well as children in tow to celebrate the last event for the year.

All members were required to provide some sustenance for the evening from a range of entrees, drinks and deserts while the main course was a rich slow cooked Bolognese (6L in total) and was completely consumed. PS. the home cooked cakes were equally delicious.

The darts comp was a success with 3 teams battling it out in a game of a around the world to win the grand prize being a mysterious surprise bottle of whisky. The winners were El Capitan and The Colonel-in-Chief whom were initially overwhelmed by the container of laphroig 10yo that later was discovered to actually contain a bottle of Vat69.

An opening for the evening was made by The Baron (host for the event) whom also presented the winner of the Dapper Hat competition. Names were thrown into the hat where one was drawn, The Alchemist, and presented with the prize: Whisky Stones by Terraforma. We wait in anticipation for his review of the product. As a note only members whom worn a hat to the event were entailed to be part of the competition with only one member opting to not attend in his finest attire.

The whisky smorgasbord held a nice array of bottles:

  • Jura 10yo
  • Vat 69 (Darts comp prize)
  • The Glenmorangie Lasanta
  • The Glenlivet 12yo
  • Knockando 12yo
  • Bruichladdich 18yo
  • Suntory Hibiki 17yo
  • Macallan Select Oak Green Label
  • Wild Turkey

Later in the evening The Secretary himself made a special appearance (with hat) on the big screen and proceeded to sample his specially posted 50ml of Jura.

The evening proceed as planned with many a whiskey tasted, lot's of conversion, and finally mass exodus once the first party made a move for the front door.

Tanks again to everyone whom could attend and we shall see you next time.

Baron De Woolery