Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 is the time to Man Up - The Art Of Manliness

Well lads as our little club is still a gents only affair (for now) then maybe a bit more testosterone will not hurt. Some of our club members such as The Colonel-in-Chief feel a need to man it up with a vintage Ford Mustang muscle car (with baby seat attachments) while others such as El Capitan find the simple pleasures of being a man in the art of Manscaping. Either way here's website for you all to Dapper Up and learn about The Art Of Manliness. For the ladies of course that will be reading this make sure your man subscribes to this site as you don't want to be the only one in the relationship whom knows how to change a car tire or start a fire.

I have been subscribing for some time now to The Art Of Manliness newsletter and I can clearly say I have learnt how to grow a moustache, how to amateur box, off-roading like a pro, now skilled in the art rhetoric, and much more let alone how good I now am at building the ultimate snowman.

Now don't get me wrong this post is still about whisky and no mans website can be without something about whisky. Make sure to check out The Art of Manliness Guide to Scotch Whisky.

For the home brewers in the community be sure to also review the A Beginner’s Guide to Craft Beer.

To review the site if I was to give a dram then it would be a 7 out of 7! The content is great and updated regularly, the website is extremely well presented, and the email newsletter comes through weekly. This is a website with dedication behind it.

Subscribe and revel in it while you still can lads. You can be a mans man too.

The Baron of Manliness