Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can I have some more please sir? Whisky Galore


I know that in the past we have all been concerned about the availability of good quality whisky in Australia at a reasonable price. There are several good quality retailers in Sydney mind, so I’m not complaining. Its just that I was very pleased too find a new, online retailer focusing on the Australian Market - Whisky Galore. More retailers hopefully means more demand in Australia for whisky, and ultimately that means more whisky’s will become available at better prices.

Interestingly Whisky Galore is a New Zealand based company that  has ventured into the Australian market as an expansion. According to the NZ homepage, the Australian outlet was founded in March 2009.

So far, I think the selection that is available is pretty weak, it’s mostly independent bottling’s from what I can see. But, there are some interesting purchases on the site. They also have a page for books, magazines and other paraphernalia which presumably will be complete some time soon. The NZ website seems to carry a much bigger range (go figure), but hopefully in future the Australian arm of the company will get bigger and better. Also, I should point out that I am a little disappointed with the prices, but maybe in time...


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  1. Another online shop to consider... maybe. The prices on the Aussie site and crazily high compared to any shelf price for the regular items and even more insane is that the New Zealand website prices are considerably cheaper than that of the Aussie site. It would be more cost effective to order from NZ.

    Sometimes I wonder why these online stores crop up when clearly they can't compete in the market and or did not actually consider the market.

    We need to get more reviews up on all these stores so we can really get a good idea about the best choice for us and anyone else that might be listening.