Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can I have some more please sir? Whisky Galore


I know that in the past we have all been concerned about the availability of good quality whisky in Australia at a reasonable price. There are several good quality retailers in Sydney mind, so I’m not complaining. Its just that I was very pleased too find a new, online retailer focusing on the Australian Market - Whisky Galore. More retailers hopefully means more demand in Australia for whisky, and ultimately that means more whisky’s will become available at better prices.

Interestingly Whisky Galore is a New Zealand based company that  has ventured into the Australian market as an expansion. According to the NZ homepage, the Australian outlet was founded in March 2009.

So far, I think the selection that is available is pretty weak, it’s mostly independent bottling’s from what I can see. But, there are some interesting purchases on the site. They also have a page for books, magazines and other paraphernalia which presumably will be complete some time soon. The NZ website seems to carry a much bigger range (go figure), but hopefully in future the Australian arm of the company will get bigger and better. Also, I should point out that I am a little disappointed with the prices, but maybe in time...