Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting a bit ordinary - Knockando 12yo

I have seen this on the shelf for quite a while but never quite gotten around to buying a bottle. Luckily enough for me the Father-in-law bought the bottle but I think at the same time unfortunate for both of us. It has actually taken a good 3 months to finish the bottle between us  so I thought to write a quick review while on the last drams.

This really is a rather ordinary single malt in my books, falling well short of great but certainly above poor. Sporting some character but no balance on the pallet.

Knockando 12yo bottled 1993 at 43% Alchohol, pale golden in colour. The distillery Knockando is a Speside and the name means 'little black hill' in Gaelic. The packaging is simple and safe which I think is actually a good reflection of the contents.

On the nose lot's of floral fruits with an extremely barley sugaresque scent to it.

To taste lot's of cream, floral fruits and again the barley sugar but quickly tends to finish in the mouth with like damp autumn leaves (think some freshly turned leaves after a heavy morning dew) which I think is it just bottoming out too quick.

The finish is short and quiet with a slight alcohol warmth but that is about it.

Balance is to heavy on the floral fruits and lacking any depth.

This would possibly appeal to an individual whom likes the blends but dabbles in the single malts from time to time. I really don't rate this so high and if I was to give a dram then it would be 4 out of 7. Not offensive but then not very attractive at the same time.

It is worth a note every time I had a dram it made me think of Chivas Regal 12yo. To test the theory after the last dram of Knockando we opened a bottle of Chivas Regal 12yo and they were nothing alike. I guess it must be the fruit and cream making me think of the Chivas.

The Baron