Monday, March 14, 2011

Indeed you are powerful - Talisker 18yo

Talisker 18yo what's left of the dram after event 7

I’m keen to write up a review for this Talisker 18yo from the 7th DTWC meet. So I’m sitting here at 11am on a Saturday while my daughter has just gone down for a sleep and my wife is out for the day. Ideal conditions. The whisky was enjoyed by all at the last meeting and I’ve been looking forward to trying the final dram that was left in the bottle. How we managed to save a dram is anyone’s guess.

Nose: Controlled and not overpowering. I remember a lot of members saying that is was harsh on the nasal passage. I’m still not finding that now.  There are strong mixed fruit notes and it’s very appealing to me. One of the more memorable smelling whiskies.

Taste: Very smooth and well balanced. There is no harshness, but at the same time it doesn’t just slide down. You want to just keep rolling it over your tongue. The very subtle smokiness is extremely pleasant and much less obvious than the Talisker 10yo. Again mixed fruits and raisins are present.

Finish: An momentary peppery blast hit the back of the throat but instantly subsides into a long smooth coating of everything down the back passage. An everlasting experience with flavours still present some time later. 

This tastes so good that I don’t want to go back for more just yet, but can’t seem to help myself. I don’t know if this makes sense, but it’s a relatively light whisky initially, which hides some great depth and complexity. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t enjoy this I think. It would last long opened in anyone’s cupboard.  I can easily rate this 6 and a half lightning bolts, actually no, I’m going to rate this 6.75 out of 7. I am that impressed.

El Capitan