Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mutton Dressed As Lamb Posing as Bacon - McKenna Bourbon

Seriously if there was ever the most regrettable whisky I have ever purchased this has to be the one. You know it is bad when a $2.75 packet of budget bacon is more appetising. I was so pissed off after buying this I went straight out the next day and purchased a bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed (review to come).  Now we are not exactly pros at this but our club is about quality in whisky. In fact this whisky is so bad I am not even going to make an effort to go into detail.

McKenna Kentucky Straight Bourbon
37.2% Alcohol (enough said)
Double Distilled
Barrel aged 5 years
Marketing catch phrase - The Urban Bourbon

To nose: a mild essence of what bourbon should smell like but it is very faint, almost stretched. So stretched in fact I cannot nail down any particular traits.

To taste: I don't think so. There is absolutely no dynamics in the flavour at all. no complexity, no special touches. I was seriously checking my glass incase I had actually mistakenly poured the whisky into water. At 37.2% it is not hard to see where the flavour went.

The Finish: Lot's of heat and that is about it. Totally goes from the pallet in an instant.

Balance is no where to be seen. I know I am sounding harsh but there is just no soul to this bourbon at all. Honestly if you care anything about the quality in a whisky don't even go here.

So it comes in a nice bottle with a black label and silver printing should that make a difference? I was fooled until I discovered she has a false eye and a wooden leg but only after tasting the sour melon.

Whom would this suit you may ask? Someone whom really does not like to drink bourbon straight and even finds mixing it with cola too overpowering. It is a feather weight in the world of bourbons in my books and I would be laying bets on the bacon instead.

2 out of 7 on the dram-o-meter and that is being generous. No effort has gone into the production of this bourbon and if it has it was lost when someone poured a bucket of water into the barrel to stretch out the economy of scale. They say it is extra smooth, I say it is just weak.

The Baron

A strange thing of note is that the actual Mckennabourbon.com website does not actually even work. I can get a vague reference to an Australian site but it does not work either and a NZ site that has 3 pages of nothing at all. Stranger still is that if you search on the web for McKenna Bourbon it leads you down dead end trails. From vague references this bourbon is made in Kentucky but bottle in NZ? Seemed to be a lot of references form a few years ago but that is about it. The facebook says the product is only available in Aus and NZ?! A dead brand.. maybe and it won't be missed by me.