Monday, March 14, 2011

Seven Members for the Seventh meeting

Talisker 18yo choice whisky for the evening
The 7th meeting of the Distant Thunder Whisky Club was certainly enjoyable - not quite as enjoyable as Expo 88 - but still enjoyable. Seven members made the trek out to El Capitan’s stronghold in Cherrybrook and we also skyped in The Diplomat formally know and The Surgeon formally knows as The Secretary from sunny Brisbane.

The Diplomat pensive as always on skype
Whisky of the evening was a memorable Talisker 18yo. Expectations were high across all members, and I must say, nobody was disappointed. This was an exceptional whisky and a review has been performed separately to this post.

The evening also saw what was arguably the highest quality selection of whisky we’ve had at a meeting.

The selection :

  • Talisker 18yo
  • Wild Turkey 12yo
  • Arran 1996
  • Laphroaig Quarter Cask
  • Ardbeg 10yo
  • Taliksker 57 North
  • Glenfiddich 21yo
  • Ardbeg Uigeadail
  • Vat 69 (turn a blind eye)

Choice selection for the evening
I speak for everyone in saying a big thank you to my lovely wife (and trusty whisky sidekick) who served us some exceptional quality dumplings and an exquisite sweet and sour pork. Indeed, when the evening reached a late hour and the wolves (aka The Grey Bush with the largest portion) went back for seconds they were literally scrapping the bottom of the pan for the sauce.

Dog The Sexy Cat Dog displaying his winnings (truly uninspiring)
Other notable events from the evening included the first whisky quiz. This appeared well received by members with a lot of shooshing and covering of answers. The winner, declared as The Dog, was fortunate to receive an opened bottle of Vat 69, handed down from the previous club meet.

With seven members chipping in the new $25 levy we now have a $175 surplus for the next meeting.

Let’s try for eight members, when The Unclean hosts us next.

El Capitan