Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gets me sorted - The Glenlivet 18yo

The Glenlivet 18yo. Distinguished by the Navy Blue box and label.
There are things in every whisky that makes it unique such as fruits and citrus, floral and fresh. The Glenlivet 18yo covers all these bases. It must be said as a bench mark I love The Glenlivet 12yo for its consistency, its graceful bouquets, rich pallet. It is my daily dram of choice so it is no biggie I like the 18yo, but not as much as one would think. Contrary to my opinion El Captian glenloved it.

The Glenlivet 18yo
Alcohol: 43%
Location/Region: Speyside
Colour: Dark toffee

On the nose dried straw, spikes of citrus rind, deep honey, ANSAC biscuits and my mothers fruit cake. The alcohol races up and tickles the nostrils on a deep draw leaving you with the slightest burnt toffee effect in the throat. The nose on this benefits from an open glass and no need to concentrating it with a narrowed lip glass.

To taste very different to the nose with a smoothness across the tongue, both elegant and yet exciting. Lots of bitty citrus, ginger, oaks, with a peppered heat that quickly races into the chest. Very quickly I find myself swallowing, not because it is unpleasant, but because it moves so quickly and evens out across the pallet it is just a natural progression. Another dram please.

The finish is dry and medium length which tingles slightly of acetone in the throat. This is really the only thing I dislike about the Glenlivet 18yo. The finish has been dulled and dried in comparison to the 12yo that makes it a little off balance to me.

Overall balance is fair though and I think I would like a little more sweetness to compliment the dryness. Still very palatable and leaving you wanting more.

If I was to give a dram then it would be a 6 1/4 out of 7. I really like it and it gets me sorted but this version fell short of previous releases I have had. I would not be surprised if others say they have had better in the 18yo. This is my 3rd bottle I have had the pleasure of consuming and certainly it will not be my last and would not be disappointed if I received another one as a gift. In the past I have built this up as being bigger than I remember and may have slightly overrated. I hope to be again proven wrong.

From a food perspective it does go exceptionally well with TimTam biscuits.

It is also worth a note the price on the 18yo varies greatly here in Australia. I have purchased it at $89 and seen it range upwards of $130. That is a big swing in pricing and would be interesting to know how this happens.

The Baron