Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Talisker Trio – Part 1 : Talisker Distillers Edition

Talisker Distilers Edition Gift Pack Size

In this first of three parts I review the Talisker Distillers Edition. Each part in this series relates to an expression in a Talisker gift pack I received for my birthday.

Nose: Chocolate notes are at the forefront. Quite interesting really, as chocolate is not something I detect regularly in other whiskies. There is also a hint of charcoal, phenol and peat. The aroma is quite fragrant.

Taste: More chocolate for sure. But along with thick, chewy wood smoke. It’s rather dry in the mouth and also tastes quite alcohol. Although this isn’t cask strength it does weigh in at 45.8% abv. A little bit ashy as well - not particularly pleasant.

Finish: Intense burst then subsiding to nothing. The whole whisky seems a little bit hollow for me.

I admit being disappointed with this whisky. It could also be my bottling, with gift packs not usually known for the quality/consistency of normal bottles. I am aware that The Diplomat has a bottle of this expression and look forward to his views when opened. I’ll have to give this 3.5 stars out of 7.

El Capitan


  1. To add this this post Talisker is part of the Classic Malts Selection by Diageo. If you go to the site you will find little if any info about this edition.

    When I tasted it at Whisky Live 2010 I found it ordinary and uninteresting and tipped most of the dram down the drain. I put the experience down just having too many whiskies that night but unfortunately it was not the case as I discovered when I tasted it again when El Capitan brought it over to sample.

    My impression is it is weak, over oaked and lacking all the things that make talisker so unique. To me it is an experiment that has gone wrong but Diageo wanting to milk the failed product for all it's worth released it none the less ignoring any level of quality control. There is just something not quite right about the whole thing.

  2. Which DE is this and how old is it? I've tried the 1993/2006 13yo as well as the 1998/2009 11yo and thought both were fantastic. In fact, this is definitely the lowest score I've ever seen for any of Diageo's Distillers Editions, I hope something isn't wrong with your bottle, it's uncommon but it is known to happen and from what you both have to say it doesn't sound 'kosher'.

  3. Yes, I own a full 700ml bottle. This DE refers to the Talisker 1998 Double Matured, bottled in 2009. The rep said it was the regular 10yr, aged an extra year in sherry. I really enjoyed this whisky on the night, but haven't tried it since. My guess is that it hasn't sold well at all, which probably explains how it made Australia's shores (i.e. only poor selling 'convict' malts get transported out here). Anyway, this bottle forms part of my private collection, so don't hold your breath for a review soon. I respect El Capitan's judgement...time will tell.