Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The blacker the better – Mad Brewers Stout Noir

Stout Noir 640ml Bottle Limited Edition

Always on the lookout for a good craft beer I recently encountered a carton of Mad Brewers Stout Noir from Malt Shovel Brewery of James Squire fame. I love a good stout and being winter when this one came along I could not resist and had to let fellow members know about it.

What really caught my eye was the unconventional label and the name, curious I looked closer and when I saw it from from Malt Shovel Brewery I knew I was onto a good thing. At $7.40AU a 640ml bottle (from Dan Murphys) it is not cheap but don't be put off even if you only by it once.

Malt Shovel Mad Brewers Stout Noir
Style: Stout
Location / Region: Camperdown, Sydney, Australia
Alchohol: 7%
640ml (can be purchased on tap)
Limited Edition of only 3,800 cases produced

Colour is rich and dark. Completely opaque in the glass even at the shallowest line. Bubbles are super fine with a cola esque colour though they do diminish early when poured from the bottle.

The nose is a fresh, crisp, with a bitter sweet aroma but not over powering to the senses.

The pallet just POPs with rich chocolates, coffee and sweet barley malts ending in liquorice and a medium hoppy bite. Mouth feel is very clean and silky and moves across the pallet with a lot of ease.

Finish has a lot of sweet mouth retention and very little bitterness considering this is a 7% beer. The taste lingers long enough not to drink too quickly and you certainly do not get the stale bitter taste as it warms up like many ales. I found this much more enjoyable super chilled.

Overall a very unexpected experience with lots of complexity and an almost perfect balance. If you are used to the heavier stouts such as Guineas or a Porter then this will come as cool change in new age craft beer. I do get impressions of a Coopers Extra Stout but much lighter and exciting. I could and will drink this all night. With so many poorly presented so called 'craft beers' in the Australian market this is certainly a 6 1/2 out for 7 experience and well worth the effort of tracking down at least one bottle.

I would love to try this on tap and maybe some day I will. In the meantime remember this is a limited edition so get out there now and get yourself a bottle.

The Baron