Monday, July 25, 2011

Talisker Trio – Part 2: Talisker 10yo

Talisker Gift Pack
The second review in my three part series is the Talisker 10 yr old.  Supply for this particular whisky is quite high, with most bottle shops usually stocking it. Of note also, this was the whisky at our first club meet, back in 2009.

Nose: Strong salty notes, ocean spray. Long John Silver just entered the room - he’s been at sea for a long time. Hay and freshly cut grass as well.

Taste: Lovely salty flavours linger on the tongue. There is also a smokiness present which is most appealing. It’s not in your face strong, but is certainly there. The smell of a farmhouse or countryside. Very enjoyable.

Finish: Very smooth and soothing. Not a hint of burning or harshness, just a long lasting warmth fills the body. Great stuff really.

This whisky can be considered an anytime whisky. Day or night. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you could find yourself a glass of this, it’s worth it. Really enjoyable, I’ll rate this 6 out of 7 lightning bolts.

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